Friday 20 September 2013

Fashion's Night Out Flashback

I shared on my Facebook page a while back the shocking news that NYC and the powers-that-be cancelled Fashion's Night Out 2013!!!  You may need to sit down a moment to take that in.  I only learned about FNO last year after starting this thrift style blogging adventure, but apparently it launched in 2009 with the intention of putting the joy back in shoppingAKA getting people to shop and spend money.  It was quite a big deal; lots of parties and designers and hobnobbing.  (I'm pretty sure saying "hobnobbing" gets you removed from the invite list.)  Last year, I focused on the nobler intention and invited all my peeps to join me on FNO at VV Boutique for some joyful shopping!  We had a great time and I scored many great pieces and converted my friends into thrifting enthusiasts!  One of my favourite pieces from that night is my leopard print blouse...  It is vintage so the cut is a little tricky to style in a contemporary way, but where there's a will there's a way: tie it!
 Leopard blouse $6 VV Boutique

FNO 2012 also started my obsession quest for a mustard cardi which looks good with everythingGuess what?  I finally found one at the September 50% off sale!!!!!!!!  
 Please ignore the hip spot light.
Is that an angel? (I see dead people.)
No, it is a 5yo photographer insisting on taking the shots from the van.

This beauty is Joe Fresh and was only $2!!  TWO DOLLARS.  Hall of fame welcomes you, Mustard Cardi.  We've been waiting for you.

All you people who say you can't wear yellow, I once thought the same thing and I now believe this to be an an old wives' tale!  I think yellow (and pink for that matter) look good on anyone; the right tone and shade brightens you.  Go ahead and claim to be THE exception but I won't believe it till I see it.  I have yet to meet someone who really cannot wear yellow.  The end of my rant.
Haven't forgotten about #mixnotmatch so I choose brown booties instead of the expected black flats.
Red accessories add a contrasting element and round out my "rule of 3."
The red seed necklace is from my inaugural VV trip, $2.
The red seed bracelet was a gift but was also thrifted.
 The black skirt is an Icebreaker early splurge item.
More on that in a couple months but I *had* to take advantage of the sale while I could.
Cool shot.

Guess what?  Manchester picked up where NYC left off and is hosting Fashion's Night Out 2013 after all on October 10.  So I am too!

I hereby invite thrifting enthusiasts and fashionistas everywhere to join me for "Fashion's Night Out VV Boutique-Styled" on Thursday October 10th at your nearest VV Boutique or other favourite thrift shop!  If you are in the Edmonton area, I will be hitting the 34th Ave location around 6 and closing down the store, and I would love for you to join me.  It is (now) FNO tradition to go out after for a bevvie and snacks to review purchases, for me to tally amounts and cost per piece and, of course, to draw for some of the goodies I will have on hand for the occasion!  If you are an off-site ex-officio shopper, please post your best pics on my Facebook page!   
Save the date!  Thursday October 10...
Tonight's gonna be a good night!

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  1. That elusive mustard cardi is also on my fall list! Looks awesome! I hope to be there too October 10th as I haven't been able to find things I want/need at VV since June.


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