Sunday 22 September 2013

Style Formula

Hands up if you were late this morning!  Please say it's not just me!  Back in 2004, I was punctual.  I would arrive at work before everyone else just for the productive peace and quiet.  Nowadays, at the time that I used to be busy being the beat-the-clock professional, I'm busy begging a three-year-old to wear clothes while ushering two others out the door to the bus and  making sure everyone has their bags, lunches, coats, and shoes.  You'd think you can't forget shoes, but you can.  Not that I know from experience or anything...  Parenthood is humbling, I tell ya.  So anything that makes the mornings go smoother is my friend.  Enter the Style Formula.

A Style Formula is your fashion default, your signature look, your "uniform," your no-brainer.  What exactly is a Style Formula?  It is the sum or mixture of pieces that you know will work, so you can reach for them when you have only 2 minutes to get yourself dressed.  Most women default to pants and a top as their basic "formula" yet often still have troubles finding an outfit and end up standing there with a pile of rejects on the bed getting more and more exasperated by the second because nothing feels right.  Not that I know from experience or anything...  I have given this some thought and have a couple considerations:

1. pants + top = incomplete

This formula doesn't leave room for the "Rule of 3" to be fulfilled, it doesn't give you a chance to finish off your look and feel polished.

2. pants + top = predictable

This formula is prone to matchy-matchy-syndrome and is sometimes a little boring...

The good news is that there is more than one formula to get the sum of style!  For example, I absolutely love these equations from Redbook for easy style.  Redbook's September issue also has a great feature on outfit formulas including:

1. little dress + big necklace
2. fitted sweater + full skirt
3. blazer + v-neck tee + jeans

These are formulas that everyday ordinary women like you and me can compute!  I recently realized I have a style formula:

short sleeve top + skirt + belt = VV Boutique Style default

Here's my formula proof (I cannot stop with the math puns):
Late + 3yo photographer = blurry + selfies
Gold top $5.25, skirt $4.90 VV Boutique
Flatter:Me belt, necklace from my closet
Gifted-originally-thrifted shoes and arm party by She Does Create

And the very next day, a variation on my formula:
 Land's End top $3.50, silk skirt $5 VV Boutique
Belt and shoes from my closet
Pendant and cross bracelet by She Does Create

Proof enough?  If not, I wore it here, here and here to name a few more.  How do you determine your style formula(s)?  Like me, you can start to take note of what you reach for, what you feel most comfortable in; you can work through the discovering-your-style exercise; you can borrow Redbook's suggestions and give some new formulas a whirl!  Once you have a basic formula, there are many variations - change the print/texture/accessories and you've got a whole new look, same formula!  Need help?  One of the many fun aspects of thrift-guiding is helping people discover new formulas!

So, what are your favourite style formulas?! 


  1. pants, top, mustard cardi. pants, top, belt, mustard cardi. skirt, top, belt, mustard cardi...bahahaha...can you guess who this is?!? Well...truth be told, THE mustard cardi has been in the bottom of the laundry bin for 2-3 weeks!!! What a good way to break out of the box/mold/wtvr u want to call it! So...anyhoo girl, you had me laughing out loud with the math puns - LOVE!!!...mmm

  2. Love these outfits - the colors and how you combined the clothing with the accessories.


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