Monday 30 September 2013

Mixing Neutrals

I was going to call this post "Neutral Soup" to amuse myself, but then decided no one would ever search for such a soup so went for straight-up descriptive.

Today's outfit concludes my September "Mix Not Match" focus.  I started by mixing brown and navy, so thought it fitting to conclude by one-upping myself by mixing brown, navy, black, cream and gray.  Prepare to be amazed...
 Skirt $4.90, sweater $6, she-booties $10
All VV Boutique
Joe Fresh tights because I decided they're like underwear therefore okay to buy new.
Though I will look at VV for tights as well.

Neutral Soup is delicious!  It is much more interesting than Matchy-Matchy Soup and it garnered at least one compliment from a stylish acquaintance who wears Miz Mooz shoes.  (I learn these things about people.)  Also, my inspiration for this look was Aritzia so it must be okay.
Me and this 20yo model are practically exactly the same.

The sweater has interesting embellishment and the polka dots are raised, adding texture to my outfit.  That's a good strategy to make layers of neutral more interesting.
More pieces from VV in perfect condition!
The tights were pretty bright in natural daylight.
I likey.

I confess, I added a dose of colour - just for my coming and going!
Peachy coral $8 RW coat from VV Boutique was the exact length I needed!
And it worked to add the colour since everything else was neutral!
Okay, okay, I kept a touch of colour in my arm party!
Never leave home without one!

It's been a good month of style stretching - so much so that I don't think I'll ever let go of #mixnotmatch, though you may catch me with the odd bout of M.M.S.  Like tomorrow.  Shhhh.


  1. My M.M.S. symptoms are improving, but I feel it is chronic. Me and Neutral Soup are starting to get along, but I haven't quite learned to accept the flavour completely! BUT I did get a lovely big package of Flatter Me Belts yesterday!

    1. Haha! You gotta be careful or you will blow the style out of the water at work! wink wink How are you liking your belt?! Hope you find it as awesome as I do!

  2. love the tights!!! - with the coat even better. You know me, more into colour - but actually totally like the way you had fun with the "ensemble" even though you had neutrals - always LOVE polkadots:) - mmm

    1. aw tks! Me too but I'm trying to try new things! Work with me! (BTW huge THANKS for your help Saturday!!)


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