Wednesday 2 October 2013

So Very Vintage

I didn't realize I was waiting for #mixnotmatch month to conclude before wearing this vintage dress, but as it turns out, it inspires a bad case of Matchy-Matchy Syndrome that I simply cannot resist.
Vintage dress $13, matching teal cardi $4.90, Clarks she-booties $10 - all VV Boutique
Leopard-printish-fishnet-stockings of awesomeness on clearance from Joe Fresh
Even rarer than a great vintage dress in great shape is the "Completely Empty Closet,"
right outside my office, no less.  I have to sit facing away to avoid the urge to shop and fill that poor baby.

I found this dress at the Sherwood Park VV Sneak Peek and almost didn't get it, but in the end, the on-trend oxblood (forget it, I'm calling it burgundy - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?!!!) burgundy colour and heart-ish print won me over.  Upon closer inspection, I am astounded that so many trendy colours could be in a piece that is so very vintage.
I love love love the unexpected spikes at the back of this belt.
I'm all ladylike and feminine from the front then BOOM!  Spikes.  Tricked ya.
Arm party by (in ascending order) 1. closet 2. She Does Create 3. VV Boutique

There is teal, cobalt, mustard, poppy, orange and chocolate.  The cardigan possibilities are friggin endless.
"Hmmm, what cardi will I wear with this tomorrow next?"

In fact, the matching possibilities are endless, which is why this vintage dress so very much had to wait till October. 
 Pendant and earrings also from She Does Create.

I know it was a look that worked because not one but two little girls stopped to compliment me at school.  There is something very heart-warming about a little girl telling you you're pretty!  Match on, Little One, match on!

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