Sunday 6 October 2013

Top Knot or Not?

Last weekend like this weekend and every single day it seems lately, I was super busy and had only a few minutes to get ready by the time I got time to even start.  Forget about washing my hair - takes too long and I hadn't the foresight to start hot mom hair the night before.  So while I did my 5-minute make-up, I watched a You Tube hair tutorial on my phone because multitasking is my middle name.  My criteria for the video were a) 3 minutes or under, and b) first one that met criterion a.   I followed the tutorial then followed one of Redbook's outfit formulas et voila!
Black blazer $7 VV Boutique
J Brand denim, Icebreaker tee, Oxmo tank and Miz Mooz pumps from my closet

With my hair pulled fully back, I felt a little like I should be in a robe and slippers, but I just put on some bright lipstick to draw the eye down from my forehead wrinkles and went forth with attitude.  Here was my inspiration:
From Redbook, my new favourite mag...
I even have a similar necklace which was a gift upon the occasion of baby two.
It was a choker back then.
Arm party by She Does Create, earrings from my closet.

I think I nailed it! It is a more classic look, especially compared to #mixnotmatch month but who says you have to stick to one style all the time?!  Plus it was a nice backdrop to a scarf that recently followed me home...   
Olive and floral scarf $4 VV Boutique

As I was formulating my top-knot plan, I wondered if I might be a little too... er... not a 22yo ballerina (you know who you are) ish to be wearing a top knot.  In the end, I decided the simple classic ensemble prevented me from looking like I was... er... trying too hard.  As for the blazer, it is not a fancy brand but it looks great (I've worn it 3 times this week alone) and, at VV Boutique prices, it is perfectly suited to my dirty messy wrinkly lifestyle.  
 blurry photographer + filter = 22yo ballerina
we'll just go with that and not mention that I can't touch my toes

What do you think, ye women who aren't 22yo ballerinas?  Would you wear a top knot?


  1. I wore a top knot on my blog and quite liked it and I ain't 22 nor am I a ballerina. ;) I'd still wear one but my new do is too short for it. You can check my top knot out here:

  2. Yup. I regularly wear a top knot. And nope, I'm not 22 or a ballerina, either! I think it looks good on you. Plus sometimes, they are just so handy! I think it suits that outfit, too - it's a classy, clean look. And I also love that scarf. :)

  3. Yep, I sport the top knot quite often as well, and again, neither 22 nor a ballerina! Love the outfit!

  4. I think you look great!


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