Monday 7 October 2013

Designer Legs Go to School

My personal style is evolving.  I know this because last night as I was setting out my outfit (in a small attempt to be less late in the morning), I chose #mixnotmatch accessories.  Then, when I went to finish my outfit with the tights I originally envisioned, I just couldn't do it: M.M.S. (Matchy-Matchy Syndrome)  So I went with my second choice which ended up being the BEST choice because man oh man, did my legs draw a lot attention today.
Jessica Halabi hand-painted one-of-a-kind tights
Paired with VV Boutique pieces
high-low dress $13, she-booties $10 and Simons sweater $6

I won these amazing designer tights at the Next Gen event where I had the chance to meet the talented local designer herself!  
Since I wore paint splatter print originally in 1985 before Jessica was born, I wondered if I should be wearing them now, but if I can rock the top knot, I can rock the tights.
I figured, I work in preschool.  Where if not there are painted clothes perfectly acceptable?!  I did the crab walk, I bum scooched, I sat on the floor, I sat on tiny chairs, I walked the halls.  Everywhere I went today, people complimented me on my tights.  AND, when I was walking into the school, someone said, "Are those Jessica Halabi tights?"  Then they rolled out a red carpet and I sauntered in.  
What I really intended to showcase today was the pretty rose sweater.  I love the texture and retro vibe.
Of course I couldn't resist some bathroom selfies...
It looked great with my hounds-tooth coat, and when I slipped into mom-mode later (i.e., out of my fantastic tights before they could get snagged by my ever-so-careful children), it still felt... cool.  It said: I was just wearing designer tights but now I'm ready for my "look, she shops at the grocery store for herself" candid paparazzi shots.
With my distressed denim $9 and yellow quilted flats $6 VV Boutique
You'd think I have a lot of time on my hand judging from my inner dialogue.

Everything came together today in two great ensembles!  If all the kids I encountered go home and paint-splatter their clothes, blame Jessica Halabi for being so creative and inspiring, not me!


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