Thursday 17 October 2013

Window Pane and Polka Dot

Some days, I'm really organized.  I have all the bags ready to go for the next morning, my outfit selected, my coffee maker set and ready to go.  Other days, I'm flossing in my closet trying to decide what to wear and wondering if my 8-year-old is too young to train as a barista.  That was this morning... then *bing* my sister sent me a pin and I instantly knew what I would wear.
Don't hate me because my office is beautiful.
Skirt $7.70, pink Hilfiger top $4.90, polka dot sweater  $4.90 from VV Boutique

And my Pinspiration...
 I am impressed with my interpretation!  

I have been wanting to wear this wool skirt for a while because it so perfectly features three trends:
  1. hot pink is hot
  2. midi-length skirts
  3. window pane print
Midi-length skirt refers to a skirt cut just below the knees for a ladylike silhouette.  There are plenty of examples on blogs, in mags and online...  Height may be an advantage with this trend but I bet shorter gals could pull it off with a pencil-skirt style and heel.  
Midi length... check!  
Pumps... check!  
Acting all chillax while trying not to break my chair... check!

If you're like me, you didn't know that this "square" pattern had a trendy term: window pane print.  (you say oxblood window pane, I say burgundy squares)  I just know that I saw it, knew it was something special and snatched it up!  Window pane print is big though, so go get you some ASAP.
 Accessories from my closet.

I was hoping to snap my shots first thing, but my photographer didn't arrive at the scene till quite late.  The nerve.  So by the time the shots were snapped, my skirt was a bit wrinkly...
 The skirt is wrinkly because I did this all day.
Chocolate not shown.

Once again, VV Boutique has provided a perfectly on-trend high quality perfect condition piece at the price of a Starbucks sandwich (no judgment, I like them too).

Which trend are you more likely to try: window pane or midi-length skirts?

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