Wednesday 9 October 2013

FNO-VV-Boutique-Styled Eve!

The big day is nearly here.  No, I'm not referring to Thanksgiving, though I'm certainly excited about someone else cooking a big dinner for me to enjoy.  And all my blessings, that too.  But today, "big day" refers to Fashion's Night Out VV Boutique Styled happening tomorrow, October 10th, 2013!!! 

I had a fantastic time celebrating FNO last year and am thrilled that even more thrifting enthusiasts will be joining this year.  Here's what you need to know...

Place: 34th Ave Value Village OR please join in spirit by shopping at your nearest or favourite thrift shop.  Feel free to post pics on my Facebook page so we can all share in the finds! 

Time: Feel free to arrive whenever you can.  If I could be there at noon, I would.  Alas, I am aiming to be there by 6pm then will close the store down at 9pm!

Who: Come alone, come with a shopping buddy or come with a group!  Come in whichever way brings you the most joy!  If you don't have a friend to bring along, come anyway!  We are a friendly bunch that will gladly offer fitting-room opinions!  This event is for people who love thrifting, who've never been thrifting and everything in between!  The big picture is to have some fun!

How: I encourage everyone to arrive and just get shopping!  I will loiter for a while near the jewelry at the front to greet people, but please feel free to browse the racks at your own pace and in your own path.  If anyone who comes out needs a little thrifting advice, give me shout (literally) or a tweet to @VVBoutiqueStyle and I will come find you, doing my best not to get distracted along the way! 

What: I firmly believe there is something for everyone at VV Boutique!  Whether you go with a hunting list, or just let the racks light your path, I have thrifting faith that the right pieces will go to the right person.  If you happen to find something amazing that is not your size, holla out to the FNO group!  Maybe it will find a new mom amongst our gang!

Prizes: Just because it's fun, I've gathered a few prizes to share.  Despite my inner dialogue, I am not Oprah and don't have a swag basket of favourite things for everyone, but I will have some goodies including a special prize for the person that ends up with the lowest cost per piece AND I have several raffle prizes including pieces by the one and only official sponsor of FNO2013 VV Boutique Styled:

Thank you to my fabulous talented jewelry-designing sister for donating pieces for my raffle.  Please enter your name any time throughout the evening by approaching me for a ballot - one entry per person and I will make the draws at the after-party.  That sounds amazing and catered but really, anyone interested in gathering to rehash the night is welcome to join me at Chili's on 34th after ringing your purchases through.  I guess I should specify that everyone is responsible for their own expenses at FNO.  Unless I won the lottery.  In which case, it's on me but otherwise, you're on your own for your tab! Please note that you must be present to claim a prize.

Need more?  Check out my thrifting tips here.  Contact me at any time by tweeting @VVBoutiqueStyle and using the hashtags  #FNO, #YEGFashion, #thrift; cc @SaversVVillage while you're at it.  

And for a taste of why thrifting is SO AWESOME, here is my OOTD (outfit of the day) with head-to-toe thrifted pieces, except my accessories which are by She Does Create.
 French Connection cardi $9.10, Land's End polka dot top $3.50
Trousers $9, Hispanitas $3.50
All from VV Boutique

French Connection is my favourite Megan's favourite label, so I know she is going to be jealous will appreciate the amazing deal!  FC knits retail around $100 and my shoes are already in the VV Boutique Style Hall of Fame!  The pants have been a closet staple since I started this adventure and I've already exceeded my styles per cost on my Land's End top.   I love VV because you can find unique pieces like this cardi (that happens to match my cat's eyes)...
Getting a cat to look the camera in the eye is harder than you'd think.

I simply would not could not spend $100 on this cardi, but I love how it is unlike anything I see in my style circles, how it adds interest to a relatively tame ensemble and how it can be worn so many ways...
 I'm not above cropping muffin tops and under-eye circles.
Why should you come to FNO VV Boutique Styled 2013?  Because, thrifting changes your perspective.  There is a joy to thrifting that cannot be replicated in regular retail, no matter how good the deal.  I can't help but want to share the joy!  Hope to see you tomorrow night at Fashion's Night Out!

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