Thursday 30 May 2013

Double Dress Day

Until last year around this time, I had only one or two dresses.  I foolishly thought they were too tricky to wear to work or for momming around.  I know better now, so much better that the dress section at VV Boutique is my favourite place to browse!  I have a hard time resisting a pretty dress and see no reason to when they are each unique and affordable!  Unlike children, who can only claim the former.  Here are a couple newcomers to my closet... 
 Banana Republic silk blend shift dress $8.50 VV Boutique
Accessories from my closet

I have had "shift dress" on my VV Boutique hunting list for a while, but didn't exactly know what a shift dress is.  To save you the embarrassment of admitting the same, I looked it up.  You are welcome.  A shift dress is a frock or gown with a "columnar cut and no defined waist" that skims the outline of the body. 
This shift dress is extra awesome because it has pockets to hold allergies.  
I mean tissue.

I loved the colours and pattern of this dress, the short sleeves and button details.  It also happens to look awesome with my Hispanitas and was more, um, accessible for work with some capri leggings ($6 VV Boutique).

The next dress was more expensive because I had to buy it at regular price...
Costa Blanca dress $13 VV Boutique

How could I leave this behind?!  It is sunshine in a dress!  It is cheer on your bo-day!  The fabric is comfy jersey knit AKA jammies.  It is yellow, which goes with everything.   
Teal cardi $4.90 and pointy flats $6 from VV Boutique

I attended a course today that required me to wear my glasses, so it's a good thing the dress felt like jammies because that's what my glasses are used to being paired with.  It was a bit chilly so I wore the capri leggings again (second day in a row, trend fulfilled) and added a cardi.
I completed the ensemble with a mixture of accessories from
She Does Create, VV Boutique and Lisa Leonard

These dresses made for easy mornings and stylin' workdays!  100% comfortable, washable and so much more interesting than plain pants and tops.  Don't believe me?  Hit your favourite thrift shop with a ten-spot in your pocket and see what you can find!  And when your dress collection grows, know you're in good company!
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