Thursday 9 May 2013

WWAD? (What Would Anthro Do?)

I got my first maxi dress last summer before starting my second-hand shopping challenge.  I also got matching maxis for me and my girl bringing my maxi total to 2.
Since maxi dresses and maxi skirts are obviously here to stay, I have been on the hunt for another maxi at VV Boutique.  I mentioned in my uber famous guest post over at Frugal Edmonton Mama that I recently bought three dresses from VV - a size 6, a size 12 and a $9.10 "one-size fits most" maxi dress.  I liked the global colours and pattern of this dress, and the sundress-style top with straps that would still cover bra straps.  However, this dress could go either way.  Styled wrong and we're looking at resort-grandma.  Styled right and we're looking at Anthropologie-I'm-starting-a-new-maxi-length-trend-model.  I shall demonstrate.

This tie is trying to convince me it makes the dress fit everyone.
Featuring the "I've had kids I give up" posture.

Light dresses are perfect for warm weather, but that does not mean you pair them with your comfy sandals.  Cute flip-flops?  Maybe.  Gladiator flats?  Worth a try.  Tevas?  Not unless you're camping and never with a maxi.
This is not the pop of colour you need.  Crocs are for camping IMHO.
Resort-Grannie might add some pumps to dress it up. 

Before I show you Anthropologie-styled, let me show you some real Anthro to illustrate that the length and style and global vibe of my dress are right on-trend.
 I'm almost *exactly* like this model, except less hungry.

Belt $4, Franco Sarto cork wedges $13.30 VV Boutique
Accessories from my closet
Hair and make-up from "I've had kids but I'll never give up" attitude
 That's my attempt at an Anthro-pose.
Best I could do when my 5yo photographer *needed* to do a flop-back after every shot.
Linen blazer $3.50 VV Boutique.
FYI I just belted it over the ties, but if you were handy, you could remove the ties altogether.
 Ask yourself WWAD?
Anthro would belt it on the outside for sure.
Those wedges + good posture + my natural height made me tower over everyone today but I owned my Anthro-model-attitude and gave knowing glances to the other women I saw in chic maxis.  At least I hope they knew I was giving a knowing glance and not just being socially awkward.  I think maxi dress styling boils down to a little effort, like any styling.  Sure, just throw it on, but then spend 4-6 minutes polishing up the styling.  It doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming!  And remember, when in doubt, ask, WWAD?
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  1. I like you less hungry..I remember your hungry days...maybe one day you will share your modelling pics here? Yes dear readers, this Mom did indeed model and at the ripe age of 15(?) THE Kelly Streit attempted to scout her...only catch...lose 15 pounds!!!! Our Mom did right...put a stop to that nonsense!

    I believe a certain yellow elephant is needed for this ensemble...


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