Tuesday 14 May 2013

"Neon" Pink Canadian Beauty

So.  I've been wearing the same shirt for three days in a row because I really want to post it but keep running out of time in my day to snap some shots and blog.  That, and I also tend to get my styles per cost completed in succession.  Didn't know that about myself, but I'm learning it's a VV Boutique Style trend If I call it that, it makes me sound less unkempt.

Day 1 was Mother's Day whereupon I received a hand painted (with blue nail polish) washer necklace on neon pink plastic string, which turned out to be the inspiration for my ensemble for the day.  I paired my "neon" pinkish top - $5.60 from VV Boutique - with my blue skirt and headed off on a road trip involving puppies, ice cream and 5 guys.  I took one photo with me in it...
Of course you have the sprinkle cones on Mother's Day.

 And one thousand photos of these guys...
 I'd be panting too if I was nursing 9 babies.

I wore the top again on Monday to work, intending to write a rant about accessorizing.
Light gray belt $2.10, sandles $7.70 from VV Boutique!

You see, I worked at the Mercer Collective On the Spot Pop Up craft sale last Saturday for my sister, the talented designer behind She Does Create so I had all day to style watch.  While the women of Edmonton were dressed nicely for this artsy market, they were generally under-accessorized, IMHO.  Next time, I'm going all Stacy London "surprise" you at the store and style you according to my rules... Boom or bust sales approach, I will let you know.  But I will say this: put on a necklace.  Or a bracelet.  Or earrings.  Just put something on.  It doesn't need to "match."  My theory is that if women buy things that attract their eye then throw them together, they will "go" because it ends up reflecting your personal aesthetic.  And who can argue that it doesn't work?!  That's style, baby!  Anyhoo, no photos besides the one I instagrammed in the bathroom at work.  As usual

Day 3 was today, my Tuesday day off.  I paired the top with a simple denim skirt (Levis $5 from VV Boutique), Hispanitas and of course, I wore a necklace.
Just me and my life of glamour.

This time I got wild and crazy and put two necklaces together to make a more contemporary length...
She Does Create early works.

I could have cropped out my laundry in the photo above but I am continuing my rant illustrating a point.  I have a real life that involves real things, like Mount Laundry.  It's going to happen one way or another, so I might as well express my personal style while I do it.  Why not wear a nice necklace even if you're "only" doing laundry?!  Life is too short to waste nice necklaces.
 "Rare glimpse of the 'mythical' Accessorized Laundry Folder in her natural habitat."

 The necklace did make me feel quite glamorous...

Phew.  Now I can wear a different top tomorrow.  With a necklace, that goes without saying.


  1. Hi-frickin-lar-i-ous!

    You must wear all of your clothes three times to make up for how often the rest of your family has costume changes...

    You are truly a Canadian Beauty in more ways than one!

    Gorg darling...

  2. I love this shirt! That is one of my favorite colors right now! I think I need to find one like that!

    And I love the last picture - American Beauty is one of my favorite movies, as twisted and messed up as it is!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I put an ... embellished version of that photo on my FB page! How could I resist!

  3. U r one funny gal!!! Mmm

  4. Haha...you are awesome! :) And I love the colour of the shirt - perfect for spring!

  5. The laundry shot is my fav! So funny!


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