Wednesday 1 May 2013

Pantone Challenge - Lemon Wednesday

Before I even heard about the Pantone-inspired spring colour and link up hosted by Literate & Stylish and The Modern Austen, I had a fruitful VV Boutique shopping trip and scored some pieces that just so happen to fit the challenge! Today I finally had the chance to wear my lemon zest yellow top.
Yellow crochet top $4 VV Boutique
Brown Gap pants $2.45 and necklace $2 VV Boutique

I *could* have worn lemon pants for today, but this top is so pretty and delicate and has been waiting patiently to not be covered up by a cardi, so I felt it time to show it off.
 More work bathroom photography brought to you by "Professional R Us."

I left the house in a concert tee and Mountain Equipment Co-op pants (the closest thing I have to work-out wear) to do a session on gross motor skills at work.  Thankfully they had a nice bathroom with surprisingly flattering lighting where I quickly changed and snapped a few.   

Earrings are Accessorize, scarf was $5 from H&M and belt is a VIP on this blog.
Layering tank from my closet.

The poppy bracelet is circa 2004 from Cuba and
the lemon is my latest acquisition from She Does Create
at the Modern Mama Beaumont Sweet Repeat Sale last weekend.

A quick browse through the lemon links so far proves me right again: yellow looks awesome with everything.  Be it mustard or lemon zest, yellow adds life to every ensemble!  And for those of you that claim you "can't" wear yellow, try a scarf, shoe or accessory and experiment with hue and intensity.  You will see!  Repeat after me: "yellow looks good with everything."  Good choice Heidi and Marissa!

literate & stylish 

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  1. I love this yellow sweater! Even more, I love the accessories you paired it with - the necklace and bracelets are so pretty and colorful and fun!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Pairing yellow with red is my fave! This is a homemade top - someone worked hard on it!

  3. Love love love!!!

  4. what a pretty sweater! i love how you could wear different colors underneath it to slightly change the look. definitely a good thrifted find--i mostly thrift myeslf but i love that is the main theme of your blog! thanks for linking up with marissa & i with your lovely yellow!

    heidi @ literate & stylish


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