Monday 27 May 2013

Every Woman Needs A Wrap Dress

There was a moment of panic before I started this post because I could not find my camera.  I naturally blamed the kids, but nope, it was me.  I put it with my work bag.  Guess I figured that would be a late night draw.  Foolish. 

Thankfully, I had my wits about this morning and got my ace-photographer to snap some shots as we headed to the van.  I present the dress every woman needs: a wrap dress.
 H&M dress $6.50 from VV Boutique

This dress has a true wrap skirt - meaning it's highly susceptible to accidental reveals - so I wore my trusty and looooong Oxmo tank underneath and felt comfortable all day.   I even knelt down in front of visiting professionals to attempt to pick up the frogs I brought to work.  (I chickened out.  I can't be everything.)
I know this photo is blurry.  Should fire that photographer.
Those 5yo's are so unreliable.
I would have used a different pic but my expression in that one was all

My $7.70 espadrilles sandals were the perfect compliment (and comfortable all day), and, naturally, I added some simple accessories.

Wrap dresses are awesome for many reasons:
  1. They wrap.  Tie it a little tighter, a little looser - it always fits.
  2. The neckline is always flattering to the girls.  No matter your girls, they're going to look good wrapped in a wrap dress.
  3. The tie is always flattering to the waistline.  And then to make things even better, the skirt flows away from the body.
I love stripes, and with the spring black and white trend, this dress is May perfection, for $6.50.
Of course, I plan to wear this fab dress many different ways.  Starting tomorrow no doubt!

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  1. Oh my! I never realized I needed a wrap dress...but now I realize the error of my ways and have added it to the list! :) My husband may not appreciate your insight into wardrobe necessities as much as I do! ;) By the way, you look very pretty in these pictures - my husband even commented on it! :)

    Ok...enough smiley faces now...!


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