Tuesday 7 May 2013

Wannabe Brownie

My oldest sister was the only one who got to be a Brownie.  I thought I was over it until I was reviewing the photos of the khaki dress I recently picked up at VV Boutique.
Khaki dress $9.10 VV Boutique
Miz Mooz wedges $5.60, Fossil bag $5.60 VV Boutique
Accessories from my closet

Looks like I unconsciously styled a grown-up version of the beige Brownie uniform.  (Go ahead and correct me if the beige is for Sparks or Girl Guides or whatever.  Rub salt in my wound.)  I added the scarf and my favourite Megan kindly told me to not be so literal reposition it...
"I promise to do my best..."
I am was so jealous of you.
Hadn't realized their neckties were orange.  Er, like mine.
 Different day, slightly different look.  Still a wannabe Brownie.
No matter if I was channelling my 8-year-old 198? self, this outfit worked for my day off.  Now I need some cookies.
And now you do too.  You're welcome.

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  1. The only thing I remember from Brownies is that I HATED the uniform and how to tie a square knot. Right over left and under, left over right and under. If you did it wrong you were in BIG trouble.


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