Sunday 5 May 2013

Party Outfits and a Wardrobe Malfunction

This was an awesome weekend that started with a party and ended in a prayer. 

In fact, it was "party weekend" with a couple kids' parties, a deck picnic lunch party with my favourite Megan, and friends coming over and staying till 11pm (which is EPIC when you're a parent with young children).  Throw in a BBQ, July weather, and a sunburn (didn't see that one coming), and I'm pretty well partied out.

Saturday, I wore a full blue jersey skirt that has just been hanging around waiting for the sun like all of us.
Skirt $4.90 and mustard tank $4.20 VV Boutique
Necklace was a gift! 

All of these pieces are the same fabric, and they felt relaxed and comfortable for a busy day.  I almost didn't buy this skirt, but I am glad I did.  It is a perfect match to my Hispanitas...
and there are many styling options, as I discovered when I played around with it when I first brought it home.
I had it on again this morning for church, then decided it didn't quite feel right for the rest of the day, so I changed like a diva and wore this pretty new dress to a dragon-fighting party.  
$6.30 VV Boutique
Another day another bathroom.
Floral, stripes, navy, yellow... perfect!  

It reminded me of many of the dresses from ModCloth, so naturally it had to come home with me.  Just one little problem...  The zipper was a bit sticky in the store.  As in, I never actually did it up.  Well, it turns out the tag claims this is a Size 6 dress.  Jump for joy, wear it inside-out!  It did take a fair amount of effort to zip it up.  Because of the sticky zipper of course!!  My husband should really work on his grip strength to make me feel better about just how hard he had to reef on the zipper.  That, however, was not the wardrobe malfunction.  Nope, when all was said and done and I was trying to get into my jammies and get the kids to bed, I got stuck.  In my dress.    
 This is my dress, turned to my front, being stubborn.
Just follow the sparkles and we can both be happy!

I did what any good mom would do: snuggled, said prayers and tucked my kids in with my dress half-on.  This did not go unnoticed.  My 5-year-old son, bless his heart, prayed for me: "Please God help Mommy to get out of her dress.  Amen."  Then, before I left his room, he asked if he could give the zipper a try.  "Why not," I thought to myself, "my next step is scissors."  Lo and behold, he gave the zipper a good pull and down it came.

Lesson learned #1: Buy sunscreen in April no matter how much snow there is.

Lesson learned #2: I am not a size 6.

Lesson learned #3: If you're stuck in a dress, it never hurts to keep a 5-year-old handy.
 See you again in One Zipper, or Less 7lbs.

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  1. Just love that dress! It's definitely the zipper when you can't get in DOWN.
    Ansel is too sweet for words...and of course little Bam Bam would have the strength to get it under control. This is the first of many times he will take out his Dad as he grows! Now I want an Safari Cocktail....

    Love ya!!

    1. Since you are always right, we will go with a zipper malfunction. Thank you for your accurate perspective.

  2. u are one hilarious girl my friend:) - MMM

  3. Oh, such a pretty dress! It looks perfect on you! And I also agree, you make me laugh! :)

  4. Hi Nicole! Started following your blog when I saw an article in the journal about your styling adventures! This post resonates with me! I bought a beautiful Roxy dress once from a consignment shop. It was a tad small, but I thought I could manage it. I got stuck. I was home alone. I had to cut the dress open to get out. A sad sad day that was!

    1. Thanks for reading Rachelle! That is tragic about your Roxy dress!! Mine still awaits me to get past the effects of report season and summer ice cream! Maybe one day!


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