Saturday 11 May 2013

Thrifting for Kids

As far as I know, I hold the corner on the "local mommy thrifting style" blogger niche.  Adjective #2 is the focus today because IRL, my family is my main focus, with my three awesome kids occupying most of my energy!  And time.  And money.  And king-size bed.  I mentioned in my guest post over at Frugal Edmonton Mama that when you're exercising your thrifting skills for yourself, don't forget to check out the children's clothes and toys.  I did the great closet season/size change for my daughter recently and realized she was lacking enough to get dirty and change 4 times a day summer clothes.  So, I sacrificed some me-shopping time and did some hunting for 3-year-old girl clothes.  Here is what I found:
 Blue tank and skort set (with pleasing pattern mixing) $3.15
Gymboree dress $4.20 and yes this dress twirls
 Pink short and ruffle tank set $3.85
 Sundress $2.80
 Yellow tank, denim skirt and short sleeve hoodie set $5.60
Pink skort and tank pattern-mixing-perfection set $3.15
And the best for last, according to her, a Hello Kitty dress "with a belt!!!" $3.50

I snagged these along with some shorts and tanks for the boys and used a filled stamp card to get 30% off.  At that point, I knew there was a 50% off sale coming but I also knew I wouldn't have time to do my own hunting on sale day and shop for kids.  Since the kids' clothing is cheaper, it was the more economical decision (for my time and my money!) to use the lesser discount for the kids.  I spent $26.25 for the 7 summer outfits above!  Pretty good for a little girl's seasonal wardrobe!  It is fairly fast to scan through the kids' racks and spot the pieces in good condition - beats lining up and fighting the throngs at baby-sales!  And if you *happen* to swing by and pick up a belt or 6 for yourself, who could blame you?!


  1. I may be biased, but I think she has a future as a model. I really love the sundress and the ruffled pink top. I remember how much fun it was to pick out clothes with her that day...although, as an Auntie I have the luxury of more time!

    Adorable and so economical without the worry of ruining clothes!

    1. I think you mean she has a future as a doctor slash model. Or maybe an actor playing a doctor in an Oscar-winning role. No pressure, Sweetie.

  2. What a cutie!

  3. She is so cute you just won’t to hug her


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