Sunday 2 June 2013

T.G.I.F. (Meet the Media Tweet Up)`

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I have a habit of making up my own lyrics to popular songs.  Well...

Last Friday Night
Went to my first Tweet event
With a date, she's heaven sent
Hope you get what I just meant

Last Friday Night
We saw plastinate bodies
And I fell and skinned my knee
Before I wore BCBG

Last Friday Night
Love the smart community
Used my phone, I'm so guilty
Pics and tweets my specialty

I'll stop now.  I don't know why Katy Perry doesn't hire me. 

Now, in non-lyrical terms: Yesterday I attended the Meet the Media Tweet Up at Telus World of Science Edmonton  This fun event was organized by my new friend Tamara Stecyk and partners, and was an awesome evening to network with a wonderful melange of smart and interesting people.  As if that wasn't enough, we had the chance to tour the exhibits including the latest BODY WORLDS & The Cycle Exhibition.   My mind is still buzzing from everything so let me back up and start from the beginning.
Best for last first.  Snapped this just before I hopped into my sweet ride*.
*2001 Honda Odyssey with unrecognizable carpets.

I organized a little something-something myself for work on Thursday and Friday - a workshop for Occupational Therapists.  It was great but I was definitely in a rush, and so in my haste to get home, I fell in the parking lot and skinned my knee through my mint pantsThey may now be distressed mint pants, we shall see.  
My husband is rubbing off on me after 15 years.
I took a photo of my injury.
I am what I mocked. 

I did what any dedicated woman would do: put concealer over my bloody knee and proceeded with the outfit I had planned.
BCBG dress $8.50, Penny Loves Kenny shoes $16 - both VV Boutique
Stunning necklace by She Does Create
Stunning purse on loan from my fab sister
I loved the pop of yellow and the studs here echoed those on my shoes.

I love this BCBG dress.  It's so elegant and flattering.  No tricky undergarments required, and it can look dressy or casual depending on the vibe of the event.  At #meetthemedia, there were a mixture of styles so BCBG was the perfect choice.  It didn't go around feeling under-dressed and didn't make anyone feel like they needed to run for a sports coat.
I must make special mention of this necklace by She Does Create.  I have had my eye on it since November and every sale, I pray that my talented sister hasn't sold it!  Well, we all know some things just belong with their rightful owners, and this piece finally got to come home and go out with Mommy!

Besides my incredible necklace,  my date for the evening was my old friend and farmerette extraordinaire Janelle Herbert of Riverbend Gardens.  I met Janelle ten years ago when she worked with me as an OT Assistant.  Those were good times!  We set "team goals" to compliment each others' fashions (amongst other things, like helping the children).  Janelle has in fact "met the media" many times as she and other #YEG local food producers advocate for sustainable local agriculture.  In short, Janelle is AWESOME and was THE perfect date.   
 And she's a looker.
Pink hair courtesy of Tracey Nielsen of @TiaraHairExtens
And now I need pink hair extensions.  Like, yesterday.

Janelle and I toured Body Worlds and were reminded of the amazing creativity in the human body.  Even for those of us who have done a cadaver dissection or two, it is incredible to see the displays and truly appreciate the intricacies of the body.  I think my older kids would be amazed and I can't wait to take them.  I already pull out my anatomy text and show them the real thing when they have questions, so the Body Worlds exhibition would blow their minds (in a good way).  I will sum it up by saying, you should go.

But not in these shoes:
 When it looked like I was thoughtfully sauntering,
I was really trying to hobble discreetly.

Dang they are hot shoes, but they killed me.  I now know why they were at VV, looking like they worn once at most.  
 Deceptively pretty logo, you don't fool me...anymore!

I cannot recall my feet hurting so badly ev-ver.  I had to take them off and walk barefoot through the parking lot to my van.  That is a humbling experience I tell ya.  So, take a good long look at these; appreciate how great they look, then run the other way if you see them after I donate them.
Traditional bathroom photography while I rest my weary feet by not moving.

A while back, Tamara invited the challenge of dressing her for #meetthemedia.  Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity!  I am a thrifting enthusiast and want to share the good news!  It took a couple short shopping trips, one bra-malfunction failure, and a swap of my beautiful clogs (too small for me, sniff sniff) for a gorgeous Nine West dress (too big for her) with my VV Boutique-loving Splurge Sorority sister, but I finally found a winner for Tamara:
Nine West dress $10 from VV Boutique

I love how she styled it up with a simple necklace and pumps, interesting patterned hose and pops of red in her manicure!  Tamara, you looked fantastic!  You're also smart and kind!  (I always add that when I tell my daughter she's pretty!)  And you organize an awesome event!

Thanks to the ever awesome Sheri Landry of This Bird's Day for alerting me to this event, to Kim Becker of Mommy Knows for inspiring the viral hashtag #dutchdar and to both these women for so generously sharing their expertise at #meetthemedia!  I have said it before and I will say it again: there is something special and powerful about local community.  AND it's fun!  I met and followed so many new people and will be reading through blogs, tweeting y'all and just enjoying the company of smart interesting INSPIRING local friends!

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  1. It was great to meet you IRL, you looked fantabulous! Uncomfortable but pretty shoes make an outfit!



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