Tuesday 11 June 2013

Graphic Tee Goes to Work

Since I know my boss reads VV Boutique Style, I'll start with a disclaimer:
  1. I did 7 reports today.
  2. The following photos were taken on a stealth-mode break.  I can prove this because you didn't notice me and my photographer lurking about.  At least I don't think so.  If you did, thanks for pretending you didn't.
Now then.  Graphic tees, statement tees - whatever you want to call them, they are a veritable trend and have been on my hunting list for a while.  A certain Splurge sister also stole one from under my nose.  You know who you are C.Y. or should I address you as "Khaleesi?"  Fortunately, my thrifting mentor sis recently gifted me a thrifted graphic tee and this morning it was... roaring to go to work with me.
 "Nerds are cool too."
I don't know why this shirt made her think of me.

I was lately inspired to try a graphic tee for work by a tweet from Sally McGraw of Already Pretty blog.  She asked, "Any tips for successfully pairing printed/vintage t-shirts with workplace outfits?" and I answered "Blazer, long necklace, black skinny crop trousers, colourful pumps," even though I don't have half of the pieces I would need to complete my own formula!  Instead, I used some suitable VV Boutique substitutes...
 Paired with my chevron ponte knit $7 and black pointy flats $7 from VV Boutique.
Skinny cobalt belt $2.10 VV Boutique
Earrings and velvet blazer circa 2004 from my closet.

I decided not to cover my nerdy tiger with a necklace and go for a pretty arm party instead.
Bracelets by She Does Create.
Of course, you have to consider your workplace vibe before attempting to wear Aeropostale to work.  I would wear this to work in preschool, but maybe not to a meeting where I'm trying to establish some OT cred. 
I've always wanted to stand at the Board Room helm.
Er, this board room happens to be empty.

As it was today, I just needed to hunker down in my corner office space (really my favourite Megan's office space but she is still off on mat leave... while the cat's away...)...
and work on reports.  So wearing a cobalt tee with a pink-glasses-wearing-tiger was perfectly acceptable.
Bottom line: my job is awesome.  Oh yeah, also, go ahead and take your graphic tee to work!  It will add some spunk to your outfit and your office!


  1. I love love love that outfit! I think it may be in the top 10 of what you have worn. I knew that graphic tee was for you because it's so funny and a bit sassy....just saying.

    The poses are hilarious. You make me laugh...in a good way! Now I want chocolate.

  2. AWESOME!!! Graphic Tee!!! So You - well done sis. -mmm

  3. Love it!!! You look awesome - sophisticated yet fun. :) I might need your help to find a graphic tee for my closet! :)

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