Wednesday 19 June 2013

Cardigan Cage Match

I *might* have popped into VV Boutique twice this week so far, as I mentioned last post, which you probably missed what with the distracting bouncy hair.  I am looking for a "next gen" outfit which is proving challenging since not only am I not next gen, I don't even really know what that means.  (If you are a baby in comparison to me under 25, please comment and help a girlfriend out.)  Instead, I found a super flattering and comfortable Marks and Spencer dress for $9.10:
Franco Sarto shoes $13.30 VV Boutique
Coral necklace gifted by my favourite Megan
Earrings by She Does Create
Bracelets from my closet

I estimate this dress was around $80 regular retail and it is in perfect condition.  As with so many of my VV Boutique treasures, I cannot believe someone was willing to part with this dress!  Maybe it was living with a much shorter woman on whom it looked dowdy???  Not so on me!
 In fact, it was stretchy and so forgiving!  It was the perfect outfit for sitting and finishing reports (YAYYY), eating chocolate lasagna, and accidentally stumbling upon a second lunch while on a run to the photocopier conveniently located next to the luncheon leftovers.  The only problem was that it was a rainy windy day today, therefore I needed a second layer.  My top two cardigan choices duked it out...

Ugly Pretty vs. Basic Black
The winner was selected for its willingness to let a pretty necklace take the spotlight!
U.P. took the loss like a lady.

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  1. Chocolate lasagne?!?! Oh, and you look gorgeous as usual! Love the dress - it looks great on you. Something animal print-y is on my shopping list too, but no success so far...!


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