Monday 17 June 2013

Hot-Mom Zero-Effort Summer Hair

Though things have been quiet around here since my tigress made her blog debut, I have been tweeting, Instagramming and updating on Facebook.  And partying (like a 3-year-old), volunteering, working, mmmmaaaayyybee shopping, and always always thinking of blogging even when I can't get to it.  In fact, what I'm about to share started 24 hours ago, right around midnight.  Here is the scene late last night...
Totally high fashion.
Hope you find that as funny as my kids.
Dang, those kids are rubbing off on me.

Back story: I posted this photo on Instagram lamenting the effect of rain on my freshly and arduously curled hair.  Jessica from Save Your Fork There's Pie alerted me to the life-changing video by Chelsey Andrews of The Paper Mama.  I had seen this pin floating around Pinterest but you know how it is; until someone IRL can give their word, it seems all Internet-y (fake).  Once I had Jessica's endorsement, I knew I had to try it and share my experience.  So: 
  1. Watch Chelsey's video now.
  2. Prepare to be amazed.
I did mention it was midnight.
The only thing amazing about these photos is that I am willing to post them.

I have A LOT of hair, and VERY LITTLE hair skill, and still this process took only a couple minutes.  I had showered earlier in the evening so my hair was clean and damp but not soaking.  I didn't use any product because I wanted to see how the process would go with everything au natural.  
Drum roll please...!
Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's a 12 cent hair band.

I used some smoothing lotion and added a few curls with my curling iron here and there, but otherwise left it as is.  This bouncing and behaving hair called for a girly outfit, so I reached for my Nine West polka dot skirt, which has been waiting patiently to go out.  First thing I think of to pair with polka dots is red (thanks to Minnie Mouse), and I wanted to do some pattern mixing with floral; alas, an outfit was born.
 Nine West skirt $4.90, H&M sheer top $4.20
All from VV Boutique
My photographer was not very enthusiastic/still.
Maybe the background props were uninspiring.

I had been struggling with how to style this top
 Surprise!  It's a peplum.  Ish.
Bracelets by She Does Create.

Tucking it into the skirt and adding the belt polished up the ensemble. 
Love me some red and blue.
Earrings by Stella & Dot.
I love my curly hair,
both because of how it looks and because it took about 7 minutes total.

As I mentioned above, I may have popped into VV Boutique tonight, so I did a quick change into more comfortable shopping clothes...
Simons sweatshirt gifted by my fave Megan.
Flats $4 VV Boutique

Notice the hair, people.  It's still curly.  Chelsey, I don't know how you came up with this ingenious technique but I am forever grateful!  This will be my go-to hot-mom zero-effort summer style!


  1. If my hair was still long THIS is something I could actually do!

    Love the ensemble...

  2. i LOVE your hair...especially in the first shot. No effort. So Cool! Must try:) Also digging the blue and red -mmm

  3. Oh, I definitely need to try it out! Looks gorgeous! You're turning into my hair mentor as well my fashion mentor - first the sock bun, and now this...! I still use your hubby's old white sock whenever I wear a sock! :)

    1. that's pretty funny! Works awesome though and YES you definitely have to try this technique - it will be awesome in your hair!

  4. That cocksucker makes me hard wearing that skirt


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