Monday 24 June 2013

Point Zero Problem

Once you start thrifting, you discover the thrill of the hunt and that victory is sweeter at 50% off!  So sweet that you can't wait to wear your new treasures, so I was overly eager to wear this Point Zero floral shirt I scored for $3.50 on Sunday:
Sure, I could have paired this pretty top with any neutral bottom, but that would be too easy.  I wanted me some pattern mixing! 
 I have no idea why my face appears the same colour as my skirt.
Blame the photographer not the model.

So I paired it with my Stars on Ice skirt, teal belt from VV, mustard t-strap wedges from Walmart and pretty accessories from my stash.
Arm party mix of Cuba coral, VV and She Does Create.
And oh look, I guess I have an owie.  Why didn't my manicurist catch that?

I loved all the patterns, colours and textures going on in this ensemble...
But I quickly noticed a problem.  Or rather, my colleague walked into my corner cubicle and said, "I can see your business."  Should've known!  Should've worn a tank!  As it were, here is a short list of people I flashed today, whether they realized it or not:
  • Chantel
  • my boss
  • the doctor
  • the pharmacist tech
  • the DQ male teen cashier
  • the pharmacist
  • the pharmacist tech again
  • my kids
  • my husband
  • two pastors
I'm nothing if not an over-achiever.  

Too late, I realized a simple solution to my, er, issue.
Fossil Cross-Body Bag, is there nothing you can't do?

Despite the minor mishap, I love this top and see myself getting tons of wear over the summer!  But I'll pin that button next time because my code of ethics requires me to protect the public, from harm and random flashings.


  1. When you ask the question "how can this beautiful _______ be at VV" the answer is sometimes as simple as a button that won't stay closed. Therapists are very happy that you have sent them some business. I do love the ensemble!

  2. Love the things you find, there!

    I'm not always so good at mixing and matching colours/textures, but I always love how they look on you!

    Ps - I'm sure your husband wasn't doing any complaining! ;)


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