Saturday 10 May 2014

Yeggies in Vintage

In case you missed my many tweets and Instagram preview, I went to the Yeggies last night.  Though I did not take home the hashtag medal for the "Best in Fashion & Style," I loved putting faces to Twitter handles and being surrounded by all the local good!  AND I loved my outfit.  Attendees had name tags with our handles and I seriously considered putting "My name is Nicole and my dress was $4."
Vintage dress $4, Nina leather metallic sandals $7.70, metallic woven leather handbag $4.90
All from VV Boutique

The weather was perfect for this vintage cocktail dress and I did my best to act like a 80s 70s movie star sipping my wine out of a plastic juice cup... 
I love love love the sparkly metallic threading in the cuffs and bodice...
Regardless of the outcome, you can't say I didn't sparkle!
These perfect jewels are yet another example of the amazing work by local designer She Does Create.
My date for the evening, Mr. Style, in his thrifted $16.80 Hugo Boss jacket.

All in all, it was a great evening.  I hung out with my favourite food blogger, Kitchen Magpie, saw some old friends, met some new friends and witnessed just how good social media can be for a community!
Maybe next year, Yeggies!


  1. you and your date both look FAB! looks like the evening was a winner! you dont need a medal, (which would have clashed terribly with that outfit by the way) to tell me you are the best! cheers su aka your biggest fan! :)

    1. You are so kind Su! Who wouldn't feel like the biggest WINNER with Super Su cheering them on! I will be forever grateful for your support!! Also, if I go to the Yeggies again next year as nominee or just attendee, I think we should go together! (for a good time call Su and Nicole - lol) T'would be fun!

  2. Eff u r hot! ;) soooooo awesome Nicole - u r inspiring super woman!...mmm

    1. Aw thanks MMM! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!!! (any thrift stores there? wink wink)


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