Tuesday 27 May 2014

Nicole on Breakfast TV

I should really be sleeping since I was up at 4:30am this morning... aside from that I could totally get into the whole TV thing after having so much fun on Breakfast TV Edmonton this morning!  It was such a positive experience - thank you to the behind-the-scenes crew Jenna, Cody, Dale, Phil and Jason, and to Bridget and Ryan for making me (and everyone) comfortable.  Now that is a skill!
Anyone willing to entertain a selfie before 6:30am is a-okay in my books.
Something makes me think this isn't his first selfie with a BT Edmonton guest...

We talked about a lot of things this morning... thrift tips, my VV Boutique Style Hall of Fame, my Pinterest hunting list and my foray into thrift style consultation
Here's my happy little blogging station.
My thoughts: "Please for the love of God don't let me flash anyone under this glass table."

We of course talked about what I was wearing...

... the power of accessories...
All of these fab pieces are second-hand in perfect condition and thrilled to be with their new mom - that's me.

We debunked some myths that thrifted things are out-of-style and in poor shape... totally not true!
Blogging station selfie.  I couldn't resist.

Three friends came by in their thrifted ensembles: Sherry, Nadine and Chantel.  Be sure to check out those posts to find out how each is a perfect and different example of the awesomeness of thrifting!
 My thrifted BT Edmonton ensemble...
Quick change to make this BCBG dress work for my day job!

It was pretty cool but most of all being a part of BT Bloggers Week has helped me share the joy of thrift shopping!  It's not just for vintage pieces and costumes - you can find everything from casual to corporate!  In case you were sleeping, here is the link to the video...
Thanks for having VV Boutique Style on BT Edmonton!

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