Monday 26 May 2014

Breaking News!

If you subscribe to VV Boutique Style by email and are waking up to this post in your inbox, immediately stop what you're doing and go turn on the TV to Breakfast Television Edmonton on City TV because I am scheduled to make my television debut on Tuesday morning!  Fun fun fun!  I'll be talking all about VV Boutique Style, thrift tips, sharing a bit about my best scores AND I have coerced invited three friends to come along and model some VV looks.  I'll be blogging throughout the morning about these gals, live tweeting my experience trying not to say anything inappropriate no guarantees, posting on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to check it out and cheer me on!

Back to regularly scheduled programming... It's still Mix or Match May and I'm still wearing clothes (you're welcome) and I decided to perk this rainy Monday morning up with a hot pink pencil skirt I recently scored at VV Boutique for $7.  I decided to try out In Style's colour pairing suggestions...
I view a solid colour as a "neutral" and therefore have no qualms about mixing colours but was curious if their selections would jive with my vibe this morning...

Miz Mooz pumps from my closet

Mexx top from my closet B.T. (Before Thrifting)
Gifted thrifted painted floral hoops
I liked how the sporty top contrasted with the patent peep toes ($8 VV Boutique)

Red cardi $4.20 VV Boutique
Gifted thrifted Miz Mooz red flats

Moto jacket $15 and my newest amazing score, black Frye flats $9.10 VV Boutique

I ended up going with what I would consider the most matchy-matchy of the looks (besides default black)...
 Because I wanted to wear my new She Does Create pendant that I stole earned while working the Lilac Fest this weekend!
That is snakeskin agate and is my new fave.  Not that I play favourites.  I love all my accessories!

Time for me to go and make my final outfit selection then try to sleep so that I don't look too haggard tomorrow on Breakfast TV!  Wish me luck!

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