Tuesday 27 May 2014

Chantel on Breakfast TV

I have had 17 coffees so I'm good to go for BT Bloggers Week on Breakfast TV Edmonton!  I'm making my BT debut this morning talking about VV Boutique Style and all things thrifting!  My mission is to share the love of thrifting with the world (this is how I start all my Mrs. America speeches) - or more specifically to show that anyone of any size, any age, any budget and any style can enjoy thrifting success!  

I coerced begged invited my next gen friend Chantel to come along and represent for all those young enough to be my child.  Welllll, Chantel would be pushing it but as a 25-year-old working professional about to embark upon grad school (to become an Occupational Therapist - YAYYYY Chantel!), she is a good example of using thrift shopping to fulfill fashion desires on a budget.  I have helped Chantel edit and organize her closet so I have a pretty good idea what's in there.  She has several thrifted pieces including a recent amazing score of a $4 Cynthia Rowley blazer in perfect condition..

#thriftenvy (it's a real thing)

Once she aces anatomy and physiology, Chantel will resume regular 20-something activities of work and more work, evenings out past 8pm and special summer events including a trip to Dublin and a few weddings.  So she needs clothes for work, school, leisure, travel and occasions.  I helped her find a few "new" thrifted pieces that fit the bill and added some rejuvenating novelty to her wardrobe!  First up, a short sleeve floral top that will look good dressed down with cut-offs and summer skirts or dressed up with work trousers and a blazer like in this shot...
Yep, I made Chantel try these on at work, hiding from the tech guys in the corner cubicle.  
We are very schmery professional.*

*I jest but really, we are very good.  It took only a few minutes... (That's for my boss in case she reads this.... from your hard-working and dedicated OT, Nicole.)

The striped ponte knit blazer is perfect mixer piece because when in doubt, wear stripes!  It will style up a dress for work or function as a finishing layer for evenings out. 
Looks great with a plain old tee, or as the Fashion School of New-Fandangled Terminology would call them, statement tees.

It adds polish to a casual work uniform of chambray and black pants...
It might not be Cynthia Rowley, but this thrifted blazer is sure to see plenty of air time in Chantel's life!

This William Rast cropped sweatshirt is the perfect light summer layering piece - over a maxi or tee is a nice way to get in on the cropped trend without showing any skin.
Wear it with pants, jeans or a skirt with a longer tee underneath.
Cropped sweatshirt over maxi skirt
This is the general idea, from this pin.
However, Chantel isn't as hungry and is a lot happier than this model.

Florals and pastels are currently trending so this pretty dress is spot on for Chantel's summer weddings...
The flattering cut and the chiffony fabric means she will still look good after 10 champagnes dancing all night long. 
The little Italian leather clutch is a great example of the unique pieces you can find second-hand!  

Chantel, you look awesome!  One day when we work together as OTs, we can have daily competitions for the cheapest outfits!  Thanks for being my next-gen friend and model... and for, er, being late for work!   

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