Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Cure for #afraidofpants

I don't know why my clever hashtag hasn't taken off outside of... well, me.  Pants.  Sigh...  SIGH.  Though I have found many a great pair of thrifted pants, after three kids, no exercise and a love for wine and chocolate, me and waistbands are never going to be BFFs.  I find pants the hardest thing to shop for.  Finding the right fit and length are always challenging; yeah yeah yeah, tailoring will help but I know myself and know that I'm unlikely to follow through with tailoring unless it's something really special.  I will take a dress over pants any day and though skirts have waistbands, they somehow seem less bothersome.  I could rant more about pants but I'm going to stop now because I found a pair of pants to shut me up:  pajama pants!

Pajama pants or harem pants or silky pants - whatever you want to call them - seem to be everywhere these days.  I scan the racks at VV looking for a pair any pair and haven't had any luck, except for my client Susan!  Then, last weekend while shopping at Stasia, lo' and behold, pajama pants in my size!
Shannon (and, er, Jim) can attest that this little amount of skin in the fitting room selfie is a relative blessing...

I can't claim that the rear view in these pants is spectacular, but they were long enough, had pockets and a versatile print with gray, my comfort colour.  At $14, they were pricey for my thrifty standards but still a great deal, still second-hand.  Naturally, I wore them as soon as humanly possible and styled them a couple mixed and a couple matched ways...

Mix One
All the colours you're seeing are neutrals, so the mix comes from the patterns!
Nicole Miller tee $1.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Anne Ross metallic slides $9.10 VV Boutique, accessories from my closet

Mix Two
Polka dot tee $3.60 VV Boutique
Seychelles sandals gifted but thrifted, accessories from my closet

Match One
Philosophy Republic embellished tee $5.60 from Saskatoon VV Boutique

Match Two
Gray pashmina scarf $4.20, Freedman navy leather crossover bucket bag $5.60 Saskatoon VV Boutique
Toms and Icebreaker gray tee from my closet

I had a casual day of errands and torture (cleaning van) yesterday so chose all casual looks; but I have ideas of how to style these pajama pants up for work... might even do that tomorrow!  They were so incredibly comfortable that I actually forgot I was wearing pants.  I went to the mall, ran into stylish friends at MAC, and noted that the pattern and fabric of my pants are similar to what I saw in the shops including Aritzia...
Pajama pants > strapless romper

I would (and will) wear all these mix or match looks and more!  I have no doubt that I'll easily surpass 14 wears to bring these pants to a cost per wear that I can live with, not to mention I have at least 14 tops that would coordinate for an excellent "styles per cost" prognosis!  And did I mention that I'm not afraid of these pants??!!
Which is YOUR favourite look?


  1. love the outfits, as a plus petite, pants have become a dirty word for me, lol although thrifted a couple pr of capris this wk AMEN @vv

    1. Thanks so much! I have some petite friends that have found what were likely supposed to be capris on a taller person but ended up the perfect ankle crop on them! That's if you're going with pants. I say, dresses all the way, or a nice knee length skirt is a good summer option.

  2. I really really loved those combos.I am more matchy matchy but would wear any of those outfits.using the same color with different prints. One of my favorite combo of yours.I like the fit too. Must get a pair of printed pants.I would wear a plain jacket with those outfits.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! Yep, using a monochromatic colour palette but mixing up the prints is a good way to have some mix but not too much! I will wear a plain jacket with these pants too - I almost did the other day but it was too hot! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lately, pants have become a dirty word for me too..I'm into all dresses/skirts (also plus size here!).
    I (unfortunately) rarely find anything thrifted in my size, but I've been getting several dresses from Old Navy lately, loving their wrap dress this season!

    The pants look great on you and my favorite outfit was #3, closely followed by #4 - again, I tend toward the match-y looks! ;)

    1. Thank you! I wore #4 that day! I see a good variety of thrifted pieces in every size including plus size so keep looking for thrifted pieces! Just FYI, after reading this comment, I was finally able to decide what to wear today - a wrap dress!! They are the best! Thanks for inspiring me!


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