Friday 30 May 2014

Matchy-Matchy > Mix-Not-Match

May the longest month ever is finally drawing to a close and I'm heading to the bush* to camp so I thought I would seize the chance to recap all the Mix or Match May looks...

*There's power.  I'm having blender drinks.
People preferred matchy and thought I would wear the aqua but I wore the floral!
People preferred the polka dot top, but I wore stripes!
The look on the right might be one of my faves of all time with THREE mixed patterns!
Here's what I know for certain about these photos:
Not many people dress in Mexican colours for Cinqo de Mayo where I work...
These art-print pants are one of the best scores ever!
The denim sheath dress was an instant fave. 
Even with the same colour scheme, people still preferred matchy-matchy.
Skirt season started which makes me a happy, er, camper.  Ca roule!

The two looks on the right represent what I like to call "good eating clothes."
They don't care how many brunches you go to.

 I love these pants so much I don't care they were so "expensive" ($14).  I am hunting for more!
Taking In Style's advice about mixing colours with this pink skirt...
The month culminated in my biggest moment of fame yet - an appearance on Breakfast TV Edmonton.
I wore the BCBG dress in the middle then slipped out of my heels to go to my real day job.
Today's outfit was a battle of She Does Create earrings vs. VV Boutique wood hoops.
I went with the wood since they're so rustic* and I'm going camping.

*joking, just afraid of wrecking new pretty things that I stole earned from my sister

Well that was sure A LOT of me; I'll understand if you stopped looking after 75 smiling Nicoles.  A few observations from Mix or Match May...
  • Matchy-matchy is the clear victor amongst most women.  Even I liked it more than I thought I would.  I still plan to show a fair amount of mixing because I like it better.
  • Chambray is the great equalizer.  Even if you think the term is pretentious, it takes a mixed look and unifies it, and takes the edge off M.M.S. (Matchy Matchy Syndrome)
  • Stripes are a sure thing.  Wear them matched, wear them mixed - they add style to any outfit.  So if you feel in a rut or just plain wild and crazy, throw on some stripes!
Now, I must skedaddle and have a gin pack for my family of five.  Stay tuned for June's style challenge and in the meantime, Happy Weekend!


  1. I love, love, love the "good eating clothes" outfit with the vest! :)

  2. I actually like the mixing a lot better than I thought I would. Usually I'm pretty matchy-matchy, but I'm starting to branch out. :) I bought a bright coral tank this weekend that I think will 'mix' with a lot of outfits!! :)

    1. Good choice! I think you'd be surprised - even Megan is doing a lot of mixing these days!! Next thing you know she'll be using mixed wrapping paper at Christmas! ;)


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