Tuesday 20 May 2014

Thrift Shopping in Saskatoon

How is it that the long weekend already seems so far away???  Oh I know, it's because I was traumatized today by cleaning out my van.  Piles of gum, crumbs, garbage and general schmear have obscured my memory from anything happy...  Luckily I had gin took pictures - of my trip to Saskatoon, not the van (I wouldn't subject anyone else to that.)  I had a wonderful time with my fab friend at her awesome new house!  The kids laughed, the dads did manly yard work, the moms did all that and everything else too AND we spent some time on Saturday hitting the local second-hand boutiques. 

First up (and my personal favourite!), we hit Stasia Boutique.
Old charming sign... new charming sign...

I immediately loved this boutique!  The stylish student working the counter was friendly and helpful, and the other customers blew me away with their interest and kindness!  The store set-up and decor were warm and cozy with a cool vintage vibe...  
They had a good selection of consignment pieces at reasonable prices - both of us scored! 
 I found two items off my hunting list including this taupe pashmina and my new fave pants that I'll blog tomorrow!
Randa, who loves a good haggle, got superb deals on the epitome of hip SLP/Mom/Artist Diesel jeans,
AND these Frye sandals for $8!!!!  
So incredibly jealous sad that my feet are a bit bigger happy for her.

We stopped for lunch and the best latte ever - the Frida Kahlo spicy caramel latte.  I'm sorry that I can't recall the restaurant name* but not even my van can make me forget that latte....
Everything was simply lovely.
*It was Citizen Cafe and Bakery.  Go there ASAP.  Just trust me.

After lunch, we walked next door to another cool vintage furniture store, Hidden Stitch, that also had... ta da!  Clothing and accessories! 
I got something off this table... any guesses?
Such cool decor and unique stock...  No wonder Randa wants to shop here!
Not to mention, they have a spot for the kids to play.  
Right by these pretty lamps which I guess says that they trust the universe.

By the till, they had a special sign posted that made me think of Su and all the local good back in YEG...
Hidden Stitch, you've got it right!

Again, the prices were reasonable.  I even scored something off my list for a mere $4...
I'm not sure if these are vintage or vintage-style, but no matter because the oversize frames and cool arms make these a one-of-a-kind find!

Last up on Saturday afternoon was...
A $2 rack outside is like a welcoming beacon from heaven!

This boutique was entirely vintage with a higher price point.  Still the staff were friendly and they obviously have a good time doing what they do...
Gotta love a mirror that tells you nice things.

Randa and I both tried on a couple things...
She walked away with a $2 dress but I left this one behind even though I was seriously tempted.

We had two tired little girls with us and couldn't press on to VV Boutique, so I made sure to stop on my way home on holiday Monday.  I made out pretty well, again finding things off my list...
... like a denim skirt and navy leather bucket bag and gold bracelets that actually fit my wrists...
and more scarves... a girl can't have too many scarves!

I will share full details on these fab SK finds as I wear and blog them!  Meanwhile, I am left thinking fondly of Saskatoon, its beautiful bridges and charming boutiques!  Oh, and my friend!  I'm thinking of her and her family too!!  Miss you already!!  Thanks for showing me the cool second-hand side of Saskatoon! 
Does this look like Paris?  I'll have to go there next to test out the "Paris of the Prairies" theory!


  1. ooooo - i have been considering a little trip to visit a friend in saskatoon this summer - now that i know about these shops i will make it a DEFINITE!
    that MANIFESTO is marvy-wise words indeed!
    will look forward to your posts to see all your groovy finds!

    1. You should go Su! Was a great afternoon - I loved the vibe in Saskatoon, particularly in these shops! Maybe we should go on a road trip....!


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