Friday 9 May 2014

Thrifted Corporate Style

Today is a good day!  First off, tonight is the Yeggies and I'm so excited to go and witness all the amazing social media talent in Edmonton and area, AND VV Boutique Style is nominated for the "Best in Fashion & Style" categoryI love all the other fashion blogger nominees and think you should follow all of us for a well-rounded perspective on Edmonton fashion.  It is an honour to just be nominated and fun to just attend, but I'm willing to bet I'll "win" for the least expensive outfit in the house!  Thrifting FTW!!  I'll share all the Yeggies details tomorrow!

Secondly, in case you didn't run to the newsstand like me, allow me to announce the big news that VV Boutique Style is in the Friday Fashion pages of the Edmonton Journal today!  I've had an AWESOME project on the go for the past several months and finally get to share about it!

Last fall, I began a collaboration with the Chateau Lacombe Hotel to work with their managers as a consultant on affordable corporate style!  I have had so much fun meeting with these ladies, going through their closets and taking them thrift shopping to help them achieve the classic, elegant and corporate style embodied by the Chateau.  It has truly been a pleasure!  I've learned so much and I believe I've achieved my mission of sharing the love of thrifting and helping women look their best.  This adventure started back in November with Joanne's journey into thrifted corporate looks and has allowed me to work with talented Chateau managers of all ages, sizes and budgets.  Here are some of the highlights:
 My corporate shopping look included 
$3.50 Gap ankle crops, white button-up $3.50, Lida Baday blazer $4, flats $7.70 - all from VV Boutique
Blazer options...
Shoe options...
Fitting room where VSP (Very Serious Posing) occurred...
Score of the day - not for work but awesome nonetheless!
Katie scored 18 pieces for just under $100!

As it turns out, these highlights are from but one of the lovely ladies I worked with from the Chateau!  I went to load the rest all up and they're goneNothing brings me back to the reality that I'm a tech amateur like a major malfunction!  I am very sad!  I had great pics of Eileen's feminine corporate style, Veronica's funky corporate style, and shopping trips with thrifted newbie Susan and new-to-her-role Victoria who found the most amazing perfect white suit!  Not to mention Susan's COACH shoes for $17!  I have no idea where these photos went.  I moved them into a different album on my phone SO THAT I WOULDN'T LOSE THEM and now they're gone.  Ladies, I'm sorry that your experience can't be shared in pictures here but let me assure you all that you looked fantastic and found great deals!  Each one found several corporate basics including blazers, dress pants, shoes and tailored tops and blouses.  With each manager, we focused on the "Rule of One" - choosing one aspect of your look to play with and keeping the rest classic corporate - and kept other corporate style guidelines in mind:
  • always wear hosiery
  • stick to closed-toe shoes
  • replace cardigans with blazers
  • look for structured fabrics rather than knit, cotton or jersey, with the exception of structured ponte knit
  • fake a more structured look by adding a classic belt
  • be mindful of cleavage from all angles including above!
  • focus on suit pieces and neutral separates paired with button-up tops or blouses
  • finish your corporate look with final polishing touches as you get ready, like pulling your hair back neatly, wearing some mascara and lip product and ensuring a subtle tidy manicure.  Little touches go a long way!
I am so impressed that the Chateau Lacombe Hotel administration pursued creative initiatives to empower their staff!  Thank you to Sherry Parker and the Chateau for the awesome collaboration and for the Edmonton Journal for sharing it!

Now to get ready for the Yeggies... where is my swan dress?!!

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  1. That's so wonderful!!! :) I'm so excited for you!!! Sounds like you guys found some pretty great outfits! :)


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