Sunday 30 November 2014

Dressember Prelude

I have had a pretty Anthro brand dress sitting in my closet for a while now.  It's a kimono-style wrap dress and I just wasn't sure how to wear it with the weather turning chilly... 
Lilka dress $9.10 VV Boutique

It almost seems like a silky robe, so this afternoon I tried, um, wearing it like a robe over my other clothes...
If you look closely, you can see the skepticism in my eyes.
J Brand denim and long sleeve tee from my closet.

A quick Pinterest search showed that dresses over pants - not leggings but bonafide pants - is a legit thing, but most of the pins feature, er, very slim silhouettes and shift dresses...
In other words, exactly opposite of what's going on here...

I will vouch that the fit and fabric of this dress were super comfy... like a robe.
And the colours!!  So many favourites all in one dress!

At least with pants, you don't have to worry about your dress being too short for your VERY young age.
The dress also gave me a good reason to wear my purple boots!

I'm not going to give up on this dress just yet.  I have some other styling ideas in mind and aim to try them out sometime in December... as I head into my second year of supporting Dressember
Last year, my Dressember started out simply as a fashion challenge but this year I know better.  This year, I know that Blythe and all the amazing Dressember women raised more than $165 000 in 2013 to support worldwide victims of trafficking and exploitation.  Now, in 2014, they've already surpassed the fundraising goal they originally set in 2013 - and December hasn't even started yet as I write!!!  Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who've been exploited for their femininity and this year, their fundraising goal is $500 000.
So, this year, I've upped the ante.  Firstly, it will be only dresses for me for the month of DecemberLast year, I allowed myself to wear skirts too, but this year, I'm going to stick to the official rules!!  Secondly, I set up a fundraising page here and a goal of $300.  There is absolutely no pressure to donate but if you've ever been moved by the story of any woman - any sister - dealing with exploitation, consider being one small part of the solution.  I follow Blythe and Dressember on Instagram and these ladies are sincerely moved and humbled by the amazing international support of what started out as a modest cause.  They've captured hope and that is something worth being involved in!  You are also VERY WELCOME to join me and the rest of the international Dressember movement in wearing dresses throughout December, no donation necessary!  Support is support, and it is all good!  Use the hashtag #Dressember, tag @Dressember on Instagram or @DressemberORG on Twitter, and use other hashtags like last year's #youcandoanythinginadress or this year's #itsbiggerthanadress.  This is a perfect excuse to do a little Dressember thrift shopping for dress options, or you can do like Dressember's founder and wear one dress throughout the whole month!!!  Or something in between!  Any participation is welcome and no participation is too small!  Now just one thing left to decide...
Is wearing a dress over pants cheating for Dressember?!!

P.S. My motto for 2014 Dressember:

Thrift your dress and donate the rest!


  1. My goal is to wear outfits that are assembled from only thrifted items (I do not look great in dresses). Today I am wearing my blue booties, lilac jeans, beige/white flouncy sweater and cobalt blue scarf (total cost less than $20).
    Thanks for all the tips.

    1. That is awesome!!! I love it when my outfit is entirely thrifted, especially with such a low total cost! Way to go, Jenn! Ps. I bet you just need the right dress - don't give up!!



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