Wednesday 5 November 2014

My Inner Anthro

If you're a regular reader of VV Boutique Style, you know that I love love love Anthropologie!  I love online window shopping, browsing the Anthro pins and Instagram feed, and reading through their magazine even when it features silly baking scenarios.  As a dedicated thrifter, I don't actually shop at Anthropologie often but I love finding thrifted Anthro brands and I have been known to copy Anthro looks with thrifted pieces like this time and this time.  I must have had Anthropologie on my mind this morning because I ended up in an outfit that reflects my inner Anthro!
Dress $11.90, Merino wool cardi $7, lilac shell $1.40 VV Boutique
Mustard Frye boots second-hand from Kijiji, handmedown leggings
Let's pretend there is a wind machine or I'm cavorting in nature and that's why my necklace is askew.
Accessories from VV Boutique and Accessorize back in the day.

I have had my eye out for pieces with a nature pattern, particularly butterflies, so I was thrilled to find this dress in soft colours that can easily be worn in Fall.
I didn't have a specific Anthro look in mind to copy, but the flowy dress-boots-necklace trio screams Anthro if you ask me.  An example or two or three...

You don't need to copy a look exactly for it to work.  Instead, I look for inspiration and the overall general vibe...
This has an Anthro vibe, non?!!

I can't wait to wear this dress again!  I have other boot options (green, purple, brown... all thrifted!) but today, I wanted to wear my mustard Fryes as an example of non-store second-hand shopping!  Should I wear my butterflies again tomorrow?!  I am seeing different people... 
Only time Instagram will tell...!


  1. I absolutely adore this entire look!!!

    1. Thank you Amy!! Me too!! I can't wait to wear that dress again!!


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