Monday 17 November 2014

Triple Thrifted P (as in Purple)

Anyone go thrifting this weekend?  Even though I went to the beautiful winter mountains, I managed a quick stop at VV Boutique on the way home and good thing because I was running low on my purple-ish footwear options.

Q: How many purple footwear options does one need?
A: As many as you find while thrifting.

I now have three options, which was more than enough to round out my purpley outfit-of-the-day...
It felt like a casting call.
Mantles loafer-pumps $8, light purple boots $9.50, Browns leather boots $7 VV Boutique 

Today was not a Premeditated Purple day.  In fact, here's how triple-purple came to be:
I issued the Monday Style Prompt: rock a blanket scarf.  Then, I learned that my friend and style colleague thrifted a Banana Republic dress this weekend, prompting me to want to wear my latest thrifted BR dress which happens to be purple.  That led me to my blanket scarf selection where the clear choice was the purple one.  Purple purple.  That led me to consider my shoe options and I simply couldn't wait to wear the unworn light-purple suede back-lace-ups that I scored yesterday!  Purple purple purple
BR dress $10.50, blanket scarf $3.50, tights and accessories from my closet 
and Indigo by Clarks grey loafers $10, all VV Boutique.
Wait wha?

I know what you're thinking.  There are only two purples right there.  Well, my 4yo was not on duty this morning which meant that the one shot of my fully purpley outfit taken by my 42yo photographer was blurry so you'll have to settle for adult-segmented-photography...
These boots came with a rather ugly shoelace up the back which I swapped out for ribbon at the suggestion of my knowledgeable-in-all-things-Ugg-and-Lulu friend Kim.  Thanks Kim!  I might even look for some other ribbon options!  
Part of my glamorous life is needing outdoor and indoor shoes, so I wore the suede boots outdoors and the perfect-condition Clarks loafers - also scored yesterday - indoors.  Win win.  But we're here to talk about the Monday Style Prompt and my "blanketmina" (blanket scarf + pashmina = blanketmina, new term courtesy of Chantel's brilliance).
Lazy-girl's wrap, long-tail choker, rolled & looped
Fold & pull, brooched.
 Five variations and I'm not even scarf-skilled!!  

I looked this weekend for a large square plaid blanket scarf, but alas, sometimes life gives you purple suede instead of plaid.  That's the way the (thrifting) cookie crumbles.  Mmmm, I like cookies.  And scarves.  And purple...
I actually wore it like a blanket during a meeting today!
It was chilly in the room!

Anyone else rock a blanket scarf today?  If you find one while thrifting, snatch it up... before I do!

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