Monday 3 November 2014

Black & Plaid

Fashion is funny.  I'm not exactly sure how it came to be, but before Fall, plaid was for camping and grade 9 and after Fall, it's for runways and fashionistas worldwide.  Plaid is everywhere!  Tartan, buffalo, gingham - any which colour, any which piece.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that plaid made the Monday Style Prompt lineup.  In my highly technical research (Pinterest), I determined the easiest and chicest way to wear plaid is to simply style it with black, hence today's prompt was all black with a pop of plaid and here's how I wore it:
Vintage Limited Edition London Fog skirt $7, Clarks booties $13 and Cole Haan bag $8 VV Boutique
Scarf and cardi B.T. (Before Thrifting)
Though I bought this skirt in the summer, I knew it would be perfect for chilly weather.
Love the pleats!

I *might* have had some Pinspiration for my outfit...
Just add 10 inches, 20 years and 30 pounds and we're samsies.
Model, why would you need gloves but not a coat?  See, fashion is funny.
(Unless we are back in grade 9, pretending we're warm enough.)

In the process of planning my outfit, I discovered a hole in my wardrobe.  (Hard to believe.)  I don't have a plain black sweater, so I turned my cardi into a sweater.
I guess this means I don't really *need* a black sweater.
(Unless I find a good one at VV!)

These Monday Style Prompts do make me want to wear them all week long so stay tuned to Instagram to see how the rest of the week's #ootd pan out. 
Just me, my black and my plaid - easy dressing Monday morning!


  1. Hi Nicole: I found your lovely blog after trawling the 'net, searching for women who truly thrifted all of their clothes. That is what I do. I don't have a blog to show off my finds and how I put them together, but I am so thrilled to find yours! I started thrifting first in high school at church rummage sales and Charity Shops in the UK. In the 80s it was hard to find a decent thrift store in the USA while I was in College, and then in earnest during the early 2000s I began to find more thrift stores like Goodwill. Mostly I bought for my boys - blazers and khakis, bikes, fleece etc. Then when I lost a ton of weight in 2008 I was swimming in my current clothes at that time and switched to Thrifting for me. I never run into anyone wearing the same clothes and I love being able to show my creative side through my dressing, especially with the odd Vintage pieces here and there. I moved from Connecticut to Illinois in Jan 2011 and the abundance of thrift stores with great merchandise has taken my thrifting to a new level!! I love reading your blog, and if I get Instagram figured out now I have my new iphone, I will follow you and share. Thanks for your inspiration and sharing :)

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! You made my day!! I love thrifting for the same reason - lets me be creative and unique in my style, yet still allows me to follow current trends (with my own interpretation!). Thrifting has changed me for the better and I will never go back!! Please do look me up on Instagram - would love to follow you back!! If you use Twitter, I'm on there too (and I encourage selfies of great thrift scores!!) Have a wonderful day!! Thanks again for reading!! ( I feel like there is great international solidarity in thrifting - so awesome!)


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