Thursday 13 November 2014

Winter Style Formula

Winter style is tricky.  At some point (I think it's about -17degrees), you stop caring about looking stylish and only care about surviving the elements - and I'm not only talking outdoors.  I'm talking about going from the frigid cold into the various indoor settings - work and school and shopping and foyers - each with its own climate.  Real winter style can be hot and cold and so my solution, for today anyway, is to wear comfortable layers that I can don and doff (raise the roof for OT terminology...I'm a nerd) as I go about my day.  Today I started with...
Striped tee $2, navy Gap cords $4.20, Clarks booties $13, necklace $3 VV Boutique
Fab navy earrings by She Does Create

This is no miraculous fashion outfit base, but sometimes my work dictates that I must be able to move around, get on the floor, get messy and dirty.  As I've mentioned, I have a VERY glamorous life.  A basic white button-up or chambray would work well in place of the tee and any pattern here would add interest to the ensemble.  Depending on the day, tall boots could easily sub in and since I'm changing from winter boots into indoor shoes like any good primary school attendee, I might wear loafers or flats.  But there will be socks so just deal with it. 

Next, I added a scarf because the school I happened to be working in today tends to be a bit chilly and because, as I've mentioned, winter.
This beautiful Anthro scarf was a birthday gift from a very stylish and thoughtful friend.

In case you're wondering, YES it is fine to wear a necklace with a scarf, mainly because who has time to fuss with such details?  I wanted both so that I would still have a third element to my outfit if I removed my scarf.  Besides, I kinda like the look

Next, I added a soft boyfriend blazer...
Blazer $2 from Goodwill in Montana

This blazer is not exactly your typical winter colour BUT bright colour is on-trend for fall and winter and it reminded me of summer and bellinis and candy.  So there.  I used my style trick of pairing contrasting colours and threw in some neutral default stripes to make it all work.  The finishing layer could also be a cardi, vest, chambray or sweater.

Lastly, I needed to verify the outfit would work in the event of scarf removal...
Looks fine to me but it's a good reminder to always accessorize.
If I forget earrings, I might as well be naked.

Sure enough, my day saw me employ each and every one of these looks and I'm betting that the next bajillion months of cold will see this winter style formula in action many times over!

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