Saturday 8 November 2014

Thrift Haul Saturday

After more than two years of full-time thrifting experience, I have developed a keen thrifting intuition.  Call it a gift if you will, but today, I had a strong sense to go to the Sherwood Park VV Boutique and the experience did not disappoint.  Though I did not find the cognac boots and olive cardi that I was hunting for, I found several other great pieces AND got a good start on my Christmas shopping(Shhhhhhhh)  Instead of just whisking my finds to the blogging queue, I had my expert fashion photographer snap some shots so I could share a bit about my thrifting haul - what I bought and why!
This Club Monaco blazer is ponte knit in the front and fine ribbed-knit in the back, like a cardi (even though it doesn't show well in the photo).  I loved the long length, the long sleeves and the colour!  Best of all, like all blazers from VV, it was inexpensive - only $8 less the 30% off I had for my entire purchase thanks to a filled donation sticker card - that's a sweet score for $5.60!
It snowed today where I live and this time, it's not temporary.  It's here to stay and I'm cold and looking for some new sweaters to get me through the next 7 months.  This $8.40 burnt orange beauty is Merino wool with mother-of-pearl buttons up the sleeves.  The neck isn't quite cowl and isn't quite turtleneck, so I'm thinking I can make it through a day at work without overheating and go out-and-about without freezing.  I love the colour and Merino wool is usually an indication of fair quality.  I think people buy wool pieces for that reason then end up not liking the feel of them.  As for me, I don't mind wool one bit so their loss donation is my cozy winter gain!
Okay, I got another wool sweater - a wool/silk toggle-cardi (there's a first) with a detachable faux-fur collar.  This sweater reminds me of the Aritzia TNA brand sweaters, but much more affordable at only $7!!
This Gap piece might be an actual dress on a smaller person but on me, it is a perfect pocketed long sweatshirt that I plan to wear with leggings or skinnies!  It was $10.50 which I found a bit pricey (!) but then I remembered how I've been wearing my grey heart sweatshirt to pieces, and I did mention there are SEVEN months of cold weather ahead so I'm sure I'll get a great cost-per-wear from this in the end.
Next up, an actual dress!  This classic plum Banana Republic dress was also $10.50 and will be perfect for Dressember and Black-Out Style!  It is a smidgen roomy but that might come in handy as I turn to baking and books for comfort in the winter months. 
Last up, this tweed blazer for $2.80!!  I almost passed it up before I glanced at the price tag and decided that I couldn't live without the purple and mustard accents for winter layering!!

Now, I must share that I WASHED all of these pieces even though most tags said to dry clean.  I decided it was worth the risk, so I washed them all on cold in the delicate cycle, took them out of the washer immediately and laid the sweaters flat to dry.  So far, it looks like nothing shrunk.  And one other thing I'll mention while I'm talking about shopping: I just want to clarify the term "popping tags;" when I say this, I mean I'm thrift shopping and can't wait to get home and "pop" the tags offSome people mean that they switch the tag with a lower-priced item and to be clear, that is NOT OKAY, that is stealing.  Thrift shopping for fun is an awesome privilege, and thrift shopping because you need to is a blessing that no one better mess with by stealing.  If you think an item is priced too high, you can:
  • wait for a sale
  • use a discount card (sticker card from donations, stamp card from purchases)
  • ask a manager to reconsider the price if it truly seems unreasonable
  • choose not to buy the item
With four reasonable options, there is no excuse to "pop tags" EXCEPT in the VV Boutique Style manner.  Agreed?!  Okay, I'll stop now.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I also scored some winter boots for $10.50 that remind me of the latest cool Sorel boots I've been seeing everywhere.  That's not all.  I found a pair of unworn Koolaburra boots for my daughter for about $50 less than regular retail...
and a pair of ruby slippers just in time for the holiday season (and this week's Monday Style Prompt!). 
When you get a 4yo with "heart and soul" in ruby slippers to take a bunch of photos, you have to expect some payback.  And so, she went and gathered a bunch of pieces from her closet then had me take pictures of her! 
We were basically playing "fashion blogger."  I will count that as a successful conclusion to my thrift haul Saturday!

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  1. What a haul! Makes me want to go thrifting!


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