Monday 10 November 2014

Lady In Red

A while ago, one of my friends commented that she was surprised to see me wearing red and had assumed I didn't like it because she didn't see me wearing it very often.  Well, nothing is farther from the truth!  I love red!  I was born on Valentine's Day so I believe I have an innate love of red (and chocolate).  But it was true that I had only a few red pieces in my wardrobe, for no particular reason, and ever since then I've been building up my red options!  I now have a beautiful Ann Taylor wrap dress, a "new" wool-cashmere red coat, red leather bag, red blouse, red belt, red kimono-style dress, red shoes, red pants and more than a few red accessories.  All that red and not a red sweater... until recently.  It is harder than you'd think to thrift a nice red sweater.  I finally found one at a VV Boutique in Ontario and decided it was the perfect piece for today's Monday Style Prompt: lady in red!
Red sweater $8, polka dot pants $5.60, Clarks booties $10 VV Boutique
Chambray $6 Salvation Army Thrift Shop

I love red and blue together so this was a natural pairing for me.  
I wouldn't normally wear polka dot denim to work on a Monday, but today is a day off so I'm just hanging out with my kids doing quality activities
Other "quality" activities included getting them to take blog photos, blogging while they played iPad 
and reading about how iPads "should" be banned for children under 12 written by a pediatric OT...etc.

I *might* have been running a bit late after a leisurely morning finishing my book, so I grabbed the first pair of socks I could find and ended up with some triple polka dot action...
River thinks sitting down is an invitation to be a 6-month-old 70lb lap dog.
Or maybe she likes polka dots.

Anyway, I like the poppy hue of this red sweater and foresee it getting lots of wear this winter.
The open weave adds warmth but doesn't feel as bulky as some sweaters.

Speaking of poppy red, the most important red you can wear this week has nothing to do with the Monday Style Prompt and everything to do with showing gratitude and respect...
Wear poppy red for style, and a poppy in honour of those who fought and still fight for freedom.

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