Tuesday 2 December 2014

Coloured Tights are All Right

Coloured tights have been around for a while, but I haven't really embraced them and I'm not sure why.  Sometimes, when one reaches a certain mature ("matooouhr") age, one wonders if one should be wearing the same thing that high school girls wear... Then, one decides, who cares, one is old enough to wear whatever one pleases and any Judgey McJudgersons can just go wear boring tights somewhere else.
Dress I almost didn't buy because I thought it was too expensive $8.50 and shoes $3 VV Boutique
Sweater from my closet B.T. (Before Thrifting) from C'est Cera
Vintage leather belt $2 and necklace $3 Salvation Army Thrift Shop
Tights from Walmart*

*Don't hate me, I look for tights and leggings every time I thrift and finally decided if I'm going to do Dressember, I can't wait for hosiery which is a little like underwear anyway.  

Once I realized I had FIVE pairs of coloured tights, it was a surprisingly hard decision of where to start.  My mustard skater dress was an easy dress choice because mustard goes with everything (hear that, Bev?!!!) I perused the Monday Style Prompt Pinterest board and consulted my In Style "What to Wear with Every Color" app...
This app is available through the iPhone newstand, I think.
I can't remember, but I love love love it!

I thought I was going to go with cranberry then I came face to face with other inspiration...
This is the view from my en suite bathroom (mustard) looking into my bedroom (teal).
That Anthro set is the Helen of bedding - it inspires a million outfits.

I guess I'm a wild card...
Then I got downright crazy when I put on my red wool cashmere coat to go out...
Coat $16.80, boots $10.50 from VV Boutique
Gifted handmade scarf

You could safely say I'm not afraid of colour, and I would never define my style as "classic," however I did get compliments from little boys and girls in kindergarten so I consider that a seal of #ootd approval!
I didn't even have to twirl to get the compliments, but I totally would have had I more time.
I like to call that sort of thing "building rapport."
 Midday coloured tights sunshine!

Since I have FIVE pairs of coloured tights, the logical decision - aside from wearing teal on Monday - was to wear coloured tights all week long!  Anyway, this pin has me wanting to try more looks...
This pin also makes me want to go thrifting... fresh out!

I'm so happy I took the plunge into coloured tights!  They might elicit some MMS (Matchy Matchy Syndrome) but they bring vibrancy to winter, which is never a bad thing!
You can't scare me out of my dresses, Winter!

After my Wild Style Monday (hair flip if you get that reference), I conclude that coloured tights are all right!   Follow along on Instagram as I roll out the rest of the rainbow for "Coloured Tights Week" - like shark week but fewer surfboards.  And don't forget to join Dressember - wear your dresses!! 
If I can do Dressember, anyone can!
  • I live in Canada where we have several feet of snow and frigid temperatures.
  • I work in preschool and kindergarten where I encounter schmear with alarming frequency.
  • I sit on the floor at work and move around with my kiddos - no time to worry about sitting ladylike yet I am able to function fully in a dress.
  • I have three small children and everything that goes with that - laundry, chauffeur, dinner, etc.

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