Monday 29 December 2014

BCBG Goes to the Farm

Is it Monday?  I lose track of time on holidays... sleeping in late, staying up late , taking time to read and play.  It is a nice change of pace, but it also means I didn't get dressed till after lunch and kids' room purge #1 so I did not do the Monday Style Prompt today.  That's okay, we're not rule-bound around these parts.  We go with the flow, do our best and keep the big picture in mind.  Fortunately, I have some photos from 4 pounds ago the weekend when I celebrated Christmas with the in-laws on the farm.  I had a pretty "new" dress waiting to be worn and even though I knew it would be a casual affair and that everyone else would be in jeans, I thought, I gotta be meI wear dresses, even when it isn't Dressember.  I have a few pairs of pants that I don't mind but, head to head, I will choose dresses every time.  I didn't know this before I started thrifting.  Now, I realize my style is evolving - not as in "getting more sophisticated" but as in "getting more me."
BCBG dress $11.90 and Miz Mooz shoes gifted but thrifted for $13.30, both from VV Boutique
Tights were a (suggested) Christmas gift from my hubby
Accessories from She Does Create and thrifted

This dress fulfilled my Christmas dinner outfit recommendations perfectly!  The ties at the waist are totally adjustable - I could eat a 20lb turkey and it would still fit!
I love love LOVE the pattern and colours in this dress.  
Plum, coral, butter, blue, red - so many mix or match possibilities!
And the high-low hem is 29 in the front and 39 in the back - SO THERE.

Santa brought me the January issue of In Style so I was freshly inspired to try something different for a finishing layer...
Pair a moto-style jacket with a pretty dress to toughen up a sweet look...
What do you know - In Style was right.  (So was I.)
There's no grey in this dress, but grey is a neutral and the tones complement.
Plus it's the only moto-style piece of clothing I have.

My mother-in-law is notorious for keeping the house cool (I once wore a toque inside because I was legitimately freezing as a joke) so I threw on a scarf too...
Another gifted but thrifted piece $4.20 from VV Boutique

And so it came to pass that I wore a BCBG dress to a farm in rural Alberta for Christmas dinner.  I may not have fit in with the prevailing crowd, but I was totally in sync with me and that's a good way to be.
Be who you are.

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  1. Lol! Love the 29 in the front 39 in the back!
    That dress is so pretty - perfect for Christmas! I love the colours in it, too!
    Yeah, I'm a dress girl too. There's just something about putting on a dress - even if it's not fancy - that makes me feel good inside! :)


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