Monday 15 December 2014

"Olive" the Ways to Wear an Olive Dress

I'm blogging late but luckily I did some late-night baking and consumed 3000 calories so now I'm ready for action.  By action I mean sitting on my rear end in bed moving my fingers and burning 4 calories an hour.  Carrying on...

I have been on the lookout for olive pieces for some time.  I am hunting for a good olive jacket, a pencil skirt and olive the other pieces that catch my eye... Well the other day, a pretty olive dress caught my eye and followed me home!
Obviously I couldn't say no.
Ann Taylor $11.90 VV Boutique

Since this dress isn't ready for snow, I knew I would need to winter-style it up, then I got to thinking about "Olive the Other Reindeer" then Rudolf, inevitably, and alas, this week's Monday Style Prompt was borne: wear olive and red!  My first inclination was to use my Shanghai Red Flatter:Me Belt as my pop of red with a fab neutral cardi that also followed me home.  I can't help it, they sense my compassion.
Cardi $6.30, Miz Mooz shoes gifted but thrifted
She Does Create necklace

You think it's just an unassuming cardi then BOOM!
So pretty!  So glad to welcome this piece to my closet!
Love the texture of this cardi!
And look what else you can do with your Flatter:Me Belt...
I'm a big risk-taker; there are no belt loops.

As I was admiring this look, I caught a glimpse of a belt that's been hanging in the queue for months waiting for an opportunity to shine, so I grabbed some different pieces and came up with another look...
Plaid belt $2.10, necklace $2 VV Boutique
Handmedown tights and shoes BT (Before Thrifting)

I imagine the belt got separated from its extremely-shoulder-padded suit-dress and made its way into a donation bag.  Whatev, your donation is my gain because plaid is having a moment and this festive plaid is perfect for the Christmas season!
Next time, this belt wants to go out with Mustard.
Oh, and look what you can with it too...
I pretended that wearing a belt would deter me from the festive office snacks.
Nope, that's what belt holes are for.

Which look do you like better?
I've said it before and I'll say it again, when your photographer is a child, you just keep smiling and hope for the best.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know which look won the #ootd but you may not know why...
This was the last look I tried and I wasn't confident I could get the "one-size fits all" tights 
off without losing my sh--... dignity.
Real life style brought to you by Olive and Red, mean to be together no matter who else tags along!


  1. Great post and pretty outfits! I am inspired. Jd


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