Wednesday 17 December 2014

Plaid and a Quiz

I really wanted to title this "Big Plaid Boobs" then thought better of it, but you'll understand why soon enough...

So I scored this cute vintage plaid dress a while ago without properly trying it on.  I saw it there, slipped it over my clothes and loved the short sleeves and plaid and the PRICE!  $5.60 for *the* print of the season!  Then, I got it home, removed the shoulder pads...
As big as my head.  If shoulder pads come back, I don't know what I'm going to do.

And lo and behold, the dress doesn't fit well.  I will share the photos anyway for educational purposes and there will be a test at the end... 
Short sleeves = good.  Simple cut = good.
Too big on the bottom and darts in the wrong place with a belt = bad.
Which I would have known had I tried it on.

I've had my black Gap grommet belt and Accessorize pieces for a decade or more, and the cost-per-wear must be pennies.  Quality accessories are worth it, as are quality shoes like my $13 Clarks black booties.
It might not be obvious to anyone but me, but that there plaid DISTORTS as it flows over my bosom.
It made me think and say the word "bosom" which is enough right there.
At this point, I'm thinking I should have left the shoulder pads in...

Ultimately, I added a blazer so I wouldn't look quite so ... booby.
There's no other way to say it frankly.
Black velvet blazer circa 2004.

Now for your test: Please answer the following questions True or False

1. It's okay to skip trying on a dress if it's under $6.   

FALSE, this dress may now become one of my highest cost-per-wear dresses because I'll only wear it once!  Had I tried it on, I would have saved my money for another thrifted find!

2. If you're just buying simple black accessories, might as well grab them at Claire's.   

FALSE, the more you anticipate wearing an item, the higher quality you should buy.  Note: That does not mean spending a lot!

3. I made a mistake purchase.  I should try wearing it anyway at least once.

FALSE, do what makes you happy.  Donate it back and call it a day or give it a whirl to find out how your boobs look in plaid after the fact.  Wait, that's me.

4. When in doubt, throw on a blazer.

FALSE, when in doubt, snap a selfie AND LOOK AT IT before you make your final decision.  Though my blazer helped, I still wasted an opportunity for an ootd I would have liked more. 

5. Get rid of pieces you haven't worn in a year.

FALSE, had I followed that advice, I wouldn't still have that velvet blazer which is a wardrobe staple despite that it didn't fit me for several years!  Keep quality garments and timeless classic pieces as long as your little ol' heart desires!

6.  Shoulder pads are coming back and will be as awesome as scrunchies.

FALSE, nothing could be as awesome as scrunchies.  

How did you do?! 

I trust this whole experience wasn't all for naught! 

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