Wednesday 12 February 2014

Thrifter's Remorse

Even though most of my wardrobe was between $2 - $12 per piece, I still have occasional buyer's remorse.  I have come face to face with that fact after trying to style my way through problem pieces with the February Grab 'n Go Style challenge.  This morning was the worst yet.  My hubby, the official grabber (in more ways than one, hee hee) grabbed another summery piece.
 Stylemint $30 including shipping

I bought this from Stylemint back in the fall, intending to use up a Stylemint credit and get something cute for my vacation wardrobe.  Turned out I didn't wear it in California.  If you don't wear a light sweater in sunny warm California, chances are it won't work in frigid cold Canada.  But I am committed to the challenge, so I tried!!!
The pieces themselves are good. Together, they are incongruent.

Finally I conceded that it looked plain old silly in -25 degree weather.  I folded it up and put it away till summer.  Moved on to sweater no. 2, a little something I picked up for $4.20 in honour of Black Out Style.... once again, I didn't wear it in January and here we are middle of February still not worn. 
 I must have been caught up in the thrifting moment because the fit on this is not good.
It hits at exactly the spot you don't want to draw attention to.
I even tried tucking in the sweater, tried it with several skirts.  No go.  It needs to go to someone else. 

So there I was standing there naked wondering NOW WHAT?  My grabber was gone.  Then, duh, I remembered I could grab my own piece!  So I grabbed this vintage blouse...
 $4.20 at VV Boutique
So much better!
 Paired with $3.50 GAP cord skinnies.
 Mint and true green make me happy.
 Scarf $4 VV Boutique.

So there you have it.   Three tries to find a workable outfit.  Two pieces under two circumstances (thifted vs. Stylemint) at two price points that I regret.  Next time, I will take my time and pay attention to fit.  Speaking of next time, what are YOU doing next Sunday?  Want to join me Sunday for "the $40 Thrift Shopping Championship."  Check out details on Instagram or Facebook. 
Hope you can make it on Sunday!
I need to redeem these thrift shop regrets!!


  1. Love your beautiful green scarf. Also love your aztec skirts. I admire you for staying away from black!

    1. Thanks Lorna! Thrifting is an inexpensive way to have many coloured wardrobe options!


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