Sunday 2 February 2014

Grab 'n Go Style

Some days don't go as planned.  Even if you have a client to take thrifting and a friend to visit in the hospital and are ready for outfit shots to illustrate a new challenge, you may be a few hazelnuts away from ripping that lovely outfit off to scratch every surface and watch your face morph into a prize-winning shiner.  Good times.  Ultimately though, I was safe and sound and it's nothing too serious (except for the nutella part, that's gonna be rough to say goodbye) so I feel blessed.  The ER doc prescribed some Vitamin VV to help me heal from the incident, so I made a quick fruitful stop before heading home and recreating the outfit!

Before I show my ensemble, let me describe my style challenge for February...  I hadn't planned another style challenge until someone on my Facebook page, er, challenged me to.  Then with a little help from my trusty research assistant, I decided upon Grab 'n Go Style!  I am not really interested in doing a wardrobe remix like 30x30 or 7 pieces 7 days; I actually want to wear as many of my clothes as possible as much as possible!  I want to put my plentiful thrifted wardrobe to work!  I'm more interested in getting creative with my clothes, learning different ways to style pieces, playing with trends.  The idea behind Grab 'n Go* is this: you go into/near your closet, close your eyes and grab a piece!  Then you build your outfit around that piece!  Pretty simple!   

*This was originally called the Blind Grab, but my research assistant didn't provide the reference and I couldn't find it.  So whoever you are, thanks for the inspiration.  And Research Assistant, you're fired.  Just kidding, I love necklaces.

If you're like me and just organized your closet, you may want to ask someone to do the grab for you!  I could pretty much find any piece by feel and totally cheat, so instead, I asked my hubby to grab a piece.  He grabbed:
Linen blazer $3.50 VV Boutique

I have worn this several times before, captured on the blog here
 and here
I also post pieces I've blogged but am wearing again on Instagram, just FYI.  I love this blazer for the "short over long over skinny" formula like I recently demonstrated for the Black Out Style Neutral Challenge, but wanted to do something a little different today.  I reached for one of my California pieces and the rest just fell together.  
Oxblood pants $3, Esprit striped sweater $6.30, raspberry tank $2 VV Boutique
 Arm party by VV Boutique and She Does Create
Earrings also from VV - just clean them with alcohol and good to go!

Anyone want to join me in Grab 'n Go February?  As I said, I love seeing everyone's ensembles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or in comments.  Use the hashtag #grabngostyle to see what everyone else is up to!  If you're a blogger, connect with me and I will link you up in weekly round-ups!  I don't have a prize yet, but I may just see what I can find at VV!  Regardless, the main objective of Grab 'n Go is to make your pieces work in the moment and give you a kick start to your outfit!  I imagine this will also help with the closet editing process; you had better make sure everything fits in your closet before starting the challenge!  And if you come across pieces that make your heart sink, you know to make it work that day, then put it in the donation pile!
 Swollen eye brought to you by hazelnuts.
Cute outfit brought to you by Grab 'n Go Style

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  1. I LOVE this idea!! I wonder if I could get my husband to play along and pick something out.

    P.S. Glad you're okay after the allergy scare but, dang, I would be sad if Nutella had to leave my life.


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