Monday 24 February 2014

Purple Pumps and the Sock Society

Mondays feel like refreshing new beginnings!!!!!!!  Just kidding.  Mondays are usually hard starts in the VV Boutique Style household, especially following a couple extra-long weekends and, amongst other things, waking up to minus-gazillion degrees while my email box is flooded with spring promotions.  Monday morning can't handle the juxtaposition.  So, with all this in the backdrop and not-enough-coffee, I contemplated how to style my Grab 'n Go piece for today, a little Mexx blouse gifted but thrifted for $5.60.
 I liked the shades of gray and nondescript pattern.

First I tried my red pants, but they were, in fact, not clean.  Then I tried my fuchsia dress but decided the cowl-on-cowl action was too much for Monday morning.  I finally settled on my trusty $3 orange chinos and purple suede shoes.
 My photographer recommended the toy-debris in the background to add ambiance to the shoot.
Oh and yep, that's also a half-eaten apple.  Life of glamour.

Purple, radiant orchid and all the variations are on-trend right now, so I was happy to score these shoes for $8 at VV Boutique.  They got me thinking though about the red hat ladies and how they just seem to march to their own red-and-purple beat, Pantone-colour-of-the-year or not.  That was the moment I decided to wear socks with my shoes. 
Who needs a head in photos when you've got purple shoes?
 I'm 40 now.  I can wear socks with my pumps if I want.

Orange pants make me happy.  Purple pumps make me happy.  Socks on a freezing day make me bitter but that's besides the point.  They kept me warm and felt a little like style, in the self-acceptance march to your own rhythm awesome kind of way.  Hmmm, if the Red Hat Society is for women over 50, maybe the Purple Pumps and Sock Society should be for women in their 40s...
 Just kidding.  I'm losing those socks as soon as the snow melts. 

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