Saturday 1 February 2014

Black is Back

January felt like a long month, but the Black Out Style Challenge truly helped to pass the time pleasurably!  Maybe it's because I grew up with sisters, but I love seeing what people are wearing!  It's like we're down the hall from each other, trying on outfits for school tomorrow!  I now feel like I can ask to borrow your sweater and ghetto blaster.  I won't, though I may copy some of the excellent looks from Black Out Stylistas!  I'm happy to have black back, but I still love colour and now realize colour is predominant in my closet.  I couldn't possibly name all my colourful pieces, but I can easily itemize every all-black piece in my wardrobe:

1 pair work trousers, 1 pair denim, 1 skirt, 3 dresses, 2 leggings
velvet blazer, boyfriend blazer, cardi, 2 layering tanks, long sleeve tee, 
moto jacket, winter coat, , 1 scarf, 3 pairs flats,
4 pairs of boots including 2 arctic pair that ought not to count and one keepsake pair I never wear

Considering how (relatively) little black I have,  it's a wonder black plays played such a leading role in my daily wardrobe.  Now that I have had more practice putting colour with colour, I will aim to make that my default rather than sticking with the boring basic formula of colour + black.  Nonetheless, black can be grounding and elegant and rocker and peaceful all at the same time.  To recover from all the colour, I declared this Black Saturday and encouraged people to bring back black in a noticeable way!  Here's my all-black ensemble for the day:
Rock star denim $6
Cable knit Gap sweater from Splurge Sorority clothing exchange
Oxmo tank, scarf, accessories and Miz Mooz boots from my closet

It took a concerted effort to stick to all-black with no pops of colour. 
All my scarves were crying, take me take me!!
I even wore every piece of all-black jewelry I own!  
That amounts to 2 bracelets, 1 necklace and 1 pair of earrings.

Somehow I never really noticed the lack of black in my closet.  Relative "lack."  I promise that I didn't dream up Black Out Style because of my lack of black, giving me an edge mwahahaha!  Nope, I am satisfied with the amount of black in my wardrobe though I would like a loose black tunic to round out my black options and have updated my VV Boutique Hunting List accordingly; otherwise I think I will continue with my style
focus on colour.   

Hee hee, do you like how I'm making you read through all this stuff before I get to the good part, the part where I finally reveal the grand prize winner of the white fox Italian lamp work glass pendant necklace by She Does Create.  And just before I do, one more big THANK YOU to my co-host Sarah of Sarah's Real Life who joined in for the last two weeks and stuck it out despite being a law student which I just picture as black black black black, and is probably the reason I never went that route in university.  I was less law school, more preschool which I just picture as playdoh, crayons, finger paint, blocks!!!  See, my inclination towards all things colour is innate.  (By the way, I don't attend preschool.  I do work there as a highly professional shmerfessional.)  To everyone else that participated, you are awesome!  I loved every pic, every chat and every outfit!  Without further ado...
And the winner is Angele!

Congratulations Angele!  You rocked Black Out Style and Black Saturday!  I will be in touch shortly to get you your new pet.
Any other Black Saturday style sisters have a little ACDC running through their heads as they got dressed?  Though I couldn't get the actual lyrics right, I kept singing it poorly and wrong all day long so I will leave you with one final Black is Back air-guitar/thrifted-style mash-up!
Not a rock star.


  1. You are my air guitar hero :) I actually love these black outfit pics because that is what I look like everyday!

    1. Aw thanks Gillian! Did you try Black Out Style? Even just for a day? Do we need to go shopping?!!!

  2. Haha you will see a similar post from me tomorrow! I didn't go ALL black, but pretty close ;) Thanks so much for your fun challenge idea and letting me be a part of it. And I'm so impressed that you got so many of your friends to participate. I've never gotten a "real" friend to try my Take One, Pass it On challenge!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    1. Oh I coerce my friends and colleagues into participating. (!) Helps to live in a relatively small town and work in most of the schools. Good for style challenges, bad for hitting the grocery store without makeup! So much fun to have you participate! I loved your Black Out Style ensembles! If I ever move to Indiana, you'll have to issue another Take One challenge!



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