Wednesday 5 February 2014

Gray and Radiant Orchid

I'm a bit discombobulated because my worst nightmare came true.  I dropped my phone in the toilet.  It doesn't get more more real than that confession.  I have never plunged my hand into pee so fast in my life.  Well, never really at all, and certainly not slowly, so I guess that's a moo point.  Anyhoo, it was only the speaker not working, thank goodness, so I'm hoping that in a day or two all will be well.  I know I'm not alone in this experience!  I should start an "I Dropped My Phone in the Toilet" Support Club.

Carrying on from my first world problem...

My Grab 'n Go Style adventure for February has been interesting thus far.  I'm learning a few things... like the first few days of any challenge are ... challenging.  Like, there are some pieces that could be moved out for the season regardless of whether I have the space.  Like, what pieces I truly love and what are meh.  (If you close your eyes, grab a piece, open your eyes and your heart sinks, you know that piece should be on its way out of your wardrobe.)  Like, tackling a challenging piece is worth it even if the result is meh.

Today, my hubby, the official grabber (since I have excellent wardrobe memory) pulled a new piece that I bought last weekend as part of my Vitamin VV healing regime: long taupe-gray Italian Merino wool cardi.  It was the perfect piece on a freezing cold day but since it's so neutral, I had tons of options how to style it.  Finally, I settled on keeping my outfit neutral...
and adding another new purchase, a radiant orchid pashminaSo very cozy.
Gray cardi $7, pashmina $3.50, coral belt $2.10 VV Boutique
Striped tee $1.50 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Ice Breaker skirt and tights from my closet.

For those of you who didn't know there was such thing as "colour of the year" for realz, allow me to introduce the Pantone Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid I don't exactly know what being colour of the year involves; maybe pageant duties, charity work... Emerald was the colour of the year for 2013 and how I applied this knowledge was as an excuse to shop, and I plan to do the same thing this year.  BTW a beautiful pashmina in THE colour of the year is no excuse to forgo a necklace.  What if you take off your scarf?  Better to be prepared. 
Accessories by She Does Create, who BTW is at the North Central Teachers' Convention Thursday and Friday.  
Head to booth #729 and treat yourself to something stylish!
Photo: Trying something the Vintage Lady too 80s??? Thoughts please....
Just look for "Blanche," the vintage 80s-chic bust with, er, quite a bust and even more.
My scarf is nicer than yours, Blanche.
Though lucky for you, Radiant Orchid reflects the 80s so we are in sync after all.
Excuse me while I go fix my hair.
I was just thinking, you know, I should revisit grade 7 in the hair department.

I am enjoying that Grab 'n Go Style gives me a head start to my outfit, gets my creativity flowing and gets me surveying my wardrobe to see the different ways I can style a piece.  Hesitant to try Grab 'n Go Style?  Maybe we need to go through your closet first?  Blanche says she will schedule appointments for me if she gets to tag along.

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