Sunday 16 February 2014

Thrift Champion

I'm so grateful to the Alberta government for putting a long weekend shortly after my Valenbirthday because it has been a whirlwind and I need an extra day of rest.  Someone please remind me not to do homemade valentines with my kids next year.  Also please put my kids in the "underachieving parents" class so I don't have to look at any more 55-step paper-crafted concoctions.  Also could we all agree to stop giving loot bags on Valentine's Day?  Store bought paper valentines and maybe a kiss.  That's enough, People.  Okay, I'm done my rant. 

After bribing coaxing threatening encouraging my children to finish their foam-sticker valentines, I  managed to have a wonderful day at work and a fun party in the evening wearing a fab fuchsia dress that I had just enough time to Instagram.
Not too shabby for an old broad.

Yesterday was a fun-filled celebration in honour of Mr. Style's birthday next week, and more importantly, something to keep me occupied until the real fun today for the first ever Edmonton Thrift Championship.  Not all of us can be Olympic athletes, but today saw the finest of thrifters gather at the Sherwood Park VV Boutique to battle it out for the title of Champion.  We had 3 hours and $40-ish dollars to spend before facing the Russian judges conferring regarding results at Starbucks... 
Started the day with my Grab 'n Go Style piece, $4.20 Ann Taylor coral cardi,
Paired with stripe tee from my closet, $6 black denim and chain strap quilted patent bag on loan from She Does Create.
I'm not sure what was more heartbreaking: that none of us fit these, or that someone somewhere does...
Only an incredible person would stop by and bring me a happy-birthday Jelly Modern donut on HER birthday!
Thanks Su!  You are super in so many ways!  
My finds included BCBG Girls black leather she-booties for $6.40, bomber jacket for $5.60 and Arnold Churgin leather boots for $6.40!  
I went over budget even with my birthday Super Savers Club Card 20% discount.
I have no defense except that I *needed* it all.
Didn't exactly realize that would disqualify me but I guess the "birthday" clause doesn't hold up to stringent Championship guidelines.  Sheesh.
 My Splurge Sister Suzanne scored jeans, accessories plus 3 amazing dresses that can be dressed up or down for all her lawyering or upcoming vacay to San Diego. 
 Another Splurge Sister scored a basic black tee, new with tags metallic-sand she-booties and Toms in fantastic condition.

It was a difficult deliberation between the two finalists.  On the one hand, 3 versatile dresses (one new with tags) is worth a whole lotta happy.  However, when we checked the sand she-booties, we realized they were regular $178 from ANTHROPOLOGIE!  The end, winner declared!!!
 Congratulations Colleen!  Your dedication and training paid off! 
 Special thanks for She Does Create for accessorizing our thrifter, who is wearing a top knot, blazer and pumps.  Perfection.

I had so much fun!!  I can't wait to get dressed this week and see the Thrift Champion trophy displayed on Colleen's front room mantle.  The trophy will be in safe keeping with Colleen until the next Thrift event.  Will YOU be the first to knock her off the pedestal?  Have you found a new-with-tags thrifted item that's even better than Anthropologie?  Get training ladies and maybe one day, this highly coveted statue will be yours!!

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  1. wow - great great finds for sure!
    allison is thrilled with her new work shoes (not even worn) for 8.50!
    still cant believe that one......
    i will not rest until i have the thriftonista statue resting in my home!
    cheers (great to see you yest)
    su :)


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