Wednesday 19 February 2014

Brocade Blazer

Is it ironic to wear a fancy brocade blazer while bribing a 3yo photographer with promises of lollipops and listening to Everything is Awesome on repeat?  Hope not, but maybe I subconsciously thought this blazer deserved better than my everyday life, because I've had it for months and just wore it for the first time, thanks to Grab 'n Go Style.
Chico's blazer $7 VV Boutique

I bought it because I loved the subtle metallic print, single button design and peplum-y hem.  I also love a bracelet-length sleeve because, um, I love bracelets and want to give my arm parties primo air time.  However, I wasn't really sure how to style this blazer.  Pinterest suggested a statement tee but I wanted something less casual, so I applied my strategy for styling problem pieces: pair them with a contrasting pattern or colour.  I went with a contrasting pattern and kept the colours consistent...
Paired with Land's End polka dot top $3.50 VV Boutique and She Does Create accessories and...
Gap navy skinny cords $4.20 and BCBG Girls she-booties gifted but thrifted for $6.40
Turns out those shoes ain't made for walking fast.  Or much.  Sorry FitBit.  

The strategy worked again, at least as far as MY personal style aesthetic goes, and I have several more outfit ideas in mind for my brocade beauty!   
I'm smiling because my entire ensemble was $21.10.  At that price point, who cares if my fab photographer smears me with peanut butter or if I get paint on my blazer at work!  Thrifting means fashion freedom!  I HEART THRIFTING!

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