Wednesday 15 January 2014

Neutral Challenge

With my red pants and blue top and declaration of love for Elisa Nalin, I may have inadvertently given the message that Black Out Style is strictly a colour challenge.  People keep saying sheepishly, it's only navy, or, I hope gray will be allowed.  So let me clarify: WEAR ANYTHING BUT BLACK!  This is a great opportunity to focus on other neutrals and warm up your wardrobe palette!  I thought I would try my hand at other neutrals (not yellow pants today even though I do consider them a neutral so there You Know Who) to illustrate my point...
Oxblood pants $3, brown Clarks she-booties $10
All VV Boutique

Navy, olive, burgundy (oxblood whatev), brown - these are all neutrals and can all be mixed with each other and most other colours.  I organize my closet by colour - I know I know, this is a very controversial subject so simmer down - so that I can easily grab and mix pieces. 
 A little mixing - even of all neutrals - makes for a more interesting outfit yet is still easy to pull off!
Note my fashion formula: short over long over skinny.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I had an oxblood-pant tragedy on Monday.  Luckily, I managed to pop into VV for the last hour of the Savers Club Card Members 50% off sale that evening and score these replacements for only $3.  I like these even better!  They have seaming down the center that make them like a structured legging, and they didn't stretch out by the end of the day. 
And let's talk about my incredible necklace.  There were only two of these pendant necklaces made by the amazing and talented She Does Create and I have one of them!  It is a vintage jar and one of my favourite pieces of all time!

For all of you doing the Black Out Style Challenge, I have a little extra challenge this week: try layering your neutrals!   Layer them up, play with textures, add some accessories! 
I can't wait to see your Neutral Challenge outfits! 

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