Tuesday 7 January 2014

I Got the (Cobalt) Blues

As I was perusing photos of Elisa Nalin yesterday while writing about my red pants, I kept going back to the pics including cobalt.  I love cobalt...  I had a sweater from the Bay when I was in high school that was the softest man-made acrylic you can imagine in a bright bold cobalt.  Come to think of it I also went to a Grade 11 dance in a yellow skirt and orange sweater, so I guess colour has always been in my style.  Back from 1990 to the present!  I decided my ensemble for today needed some cobalt...
Cobalt top $4, raspberry cardi $4.90, raspberry tank $2
Green pants $9, Clarks she-booties $10
All from VV Boutique

My Elisa Nalin inspiration was this look...
Now I *need* lilac shoes and a lilac clutch.
And the ability to look pose-worthy while casually chatting on my cell.

I don't have that shade of outer layer except in a summer short-sleeve cardi, so I had to reach for the next closest piece.
 Raspberry was last seen in California and so was rather shocked to encounter all the snow and indoor recesses today.

Elisa is not at all shy of bold accessories so I picked a bunch and piled them on today!
 I will never stop loving you, Necklace.
 Arm partay action made me smile all day long.

All my accessories are by the one and only She Does Create.  Want some for yourself?  Join me in the Black Out Style Challenge for your chance to win an Italian Fox!  (take that as a hot date or a fab pendant, whichever is more motivating)
 Special shout out to my work Style Sister who is rocking Black Out Style in charcoal!
Good enough for Team Nicole! ;)


  1. Love the colour combination. I have been looking for a way to wear my lilac heels, so thank you!

    1. Now I'm just jealous. Add lilac heels to my VV Boutique hunting list! Thanks for stopping by!


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