Saturday 4 January 2014

California Girl

This is going to come as a complete surprise, but I packed too much for my California vacation.  I don't regret my suitcase organization for my family of 5 (one suitcase, one carry-on each), but I could have done with less.  Instead, I will consider it helpful learning for future trips, because though I missed picturesque snow a little, I loved seeing my kids playing in the SAND in December, and I loved truly getting away!  I hope it happens again.
Hello Gorgeous.

So, what did I wear?  In case you're dying to know, I tried to snap some shots along the way, but it ain't easy to get bathroom selfies in the busiest most magical place on earth over the Christmas holidays.  Also, no offence style enthusiasts, but my clothes weren't exactly the highlight of the trip!  Nonetheless, I snapped a picture a day at least...
 Day 1 of travel.
Woman dazed by cleanliness of hotel room.
How can everything be so white?
 Wearing thrifted tee $4 and scarf $7 from VV Boutique
Day 2 of travel.  
Arrived at California hotel around 10pm.
Wore my J Brand to travel because you take your most precious things with you just in case.
What does California think of bathroom selfies?
Day 3 Christmas Eve.
 Ready to hit Disneyland in my pleasing mix of patterns.
Joe Fresh dress $7 VV Boutique, Anthro scarf, Fossil bag, Toms shoes, She Does Create accessories.
 So twitterpated to meet Fairy Godmother.
New retirement dream job in mind...
 You can find me at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in 2039.
Day 4 Christmas Day.
Santa brought us all Mickey Mouse tees, so I rocked it with my Icebreaker skirt and thrifted raspberry tank $2 and scarf $4.20 from VV Boutique.
Waiting patiently to meet Tinkerbell, wondering if anyone ever calls her on her "magical" attitude adjustment from the original Peter Pan to the new Tink movie, from jealous beyotch to handy fairy... 
Day 6 Boxing Day.
I cannot understand why Americans haven't glommed onto this consumerist holiday.
Whatev, we hit Universal Studios with me in my $5.60 dress and $4.90 raspberry cardi after the sun set.
 Day 7 Legoland of Happy Husbands.
That dress again with a mustard cardi $2 and leggings $4.90 from VV Boutique.
 Selfie with me and Leia.
 Why is Santa dangling from the roof?!!
MINI Land!  I've now seen everything of importance in the whole wide world and only had to travel to Carlsbad.
 Shiver me timbers, this room is pretty cool.
IF you have kids.  If not, you're just a wench female adult pirate.
The gold coin in my teeth was intended to look piratey, but a mistake upon reflection.
Day 8 starting in Legoland and ending in San Diego.
Dress #3 $9.10, teal cardi $4.90, leggings $4.90 VV Boutique. Anthro scarf and splurge belt.
Found those earrings zipped into a thrifted bag.  I think they look like little earths therefore perfect for travel.
We also ended up at Fashion Valley in our pursuit of Cheesecake Factory.
The big mall made me nervous.  
So many expensive stores and women in expensive pieces worth more than my minivan rental, which is saying something.
Day 9 Mission Beach and Cabrillo Tidal Pools
Thrifted/gifted coat, Icebreaker skirt and teal sweater $4.20 from VV Boutique
The breeze off the ocean was brisk enough to need a coat and scarf.
Such a cool place to explore.
 Day 10 Sea World
Dress again with different scarf and end-of-day layering chambray and cardi $4.90
shown only to illustrate that I wore 4 out of 5 of the packed cardis and thus justify the packing of them.
Day 11 New Year's Eve at Disney California Adventure
Selfie opportunities in the elevator and park bathrooms, trying not get caught in my vanity.
Esprit striped sweater $6.30 for extra cozy during World of Color.
 Bug's Life bumper cars selfie.
NYE message from Flo's Diner.
We didn't make it till midnight at the park.  
In fact, we nearly didn't make it at all after stopping at the insanity known as the Disney Store on NYE on our way out.
  I asked my son for a 2014 NY prediction: "Lots of pie, almost daily."  Um, okay.
Needless to say, the day ended with the kids still up in their underwear playing ipads while hubby and I drank the remains of old wine out of plastic hotel cups.
Happy New Year indeed. 
 Day 12 Santa Monica Pier before our journey home
Dress 2 with oatmeal cardi and anthro scarf were my sea-breeze selections.
We walked the Third St. Promenade and the mall, which gave me the chills again.
 I recovered from the mall by hitting the Santa Monica Blvd Goodwill,
10 minutes before close with the manager literally yelling at everyone to go to the till and
I showed him though by finding Citizens of Humanity distressed denim for $8. HA!
In the end, I wore (including travel):
  • 2 pairs of pants (could have done with one)
  • 1 skirt
  • 3 dresses
  • 3 scarves
  • 4 cardis (oh fine, I could have done with 3)
  • 1 chambray, 1 tee
  • 2 tees from Santa
  • 2 light sweaters
I over-packed:
  • 1-2 pairs of pants
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 short sleeve top
  • 1 long sleeve top
Not terrible, but room for improvement!  Maybe next Christmas?!!

Holiday season at Disney afforded me plenty of people-watching opportunities while waiting in long lines.  I noticed:
  • Few women were wearing dresses.  I don't get it.  Pants are scary and #youcandoanythinginadress
  • If I see another mom in jeans and runners, I may keel over.  You can do better, Sister.  Running shoes aren't the only comfortable footwear option.
  • I have been cured of the need to ever ever ever wear capri pants.  I will stick to shorts, skirts, dresses and ankle crops thankyouverymuch.  My eyes are still burning.
  • The sheer number of women wearing leggings as pants made me ponder a philosophical question: if you can wear legging as pants, should you?  I concluded no, if nothing else than for womanly solidarity.
  • The lack of pattern mixing made me wonder if I am missing something.  I concluded no, because life is too short for Matchy Matchy Syndrome all the time.
  • Under-accessorizing seems to be a universal phenomenon, sadly.  Ladies, PUT ON A NECKLACE!  Wear some earrings!  Try an arm party!!  Even Mickey Mouse tees look decent with some stylish accessories.  (If you are lacking in accessories, enter my giveway, it's not too late!)
  • One woman's sundress and Toms are another woman's parka and Uggs.  It's all relative, baby.  (say that in your best Austin Powers)
  • The Rich Women of the Mall were stylish, sure, but lacking originality IMHO.
I snapped a couple shots of women that caught my eye in a good way...
  1. Loved her light wash skinny denim, stripes, moto and she-booties.
  2. This outfit is perfection.  Colourful, coordinated, complementary.  Definitely going to try to copy with thrifted pieces.
  3. Loved the rolled denim, socks and she-booties.  But you'll never catch me with backpack, no matter the designer.
All in all, it was an incredible trip!  I am so blessed.  Have I mentioned that lately?  I have awesome friends, I have an awesome husband, awesome kids, awesome home.  And for the first time in my life, I had an awesome Christmas vacation in a warm-weather destination.  Thank you to Him from whom all blessings flow!

Magical.  Unforgettable.


  1. So jealous of the fact you aren't wearing snowsuits like the rest of us! Great scarves!

  2. That sounds like an amazing trip! So glad you guys had a wonderful time. And maybe slightly jealous! ;) You must have been the most stylish Mom there! Next time we're definitely coming along with you!! ;) That picture of the Disney castle looks incredible - definitely magical! Welcome home!

    1. Definitely come! It would be so much fun!

  3. I will admit that I am awful with trying to coordinate patterns and go matchy-match way too often. One of these days I will get more brave! ;) Glad you had an awesome trip!

    1. A little matchy matchy never hurt anyone! Baby steps!


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